Send an Amazing Gift Online to Your Valentine for Free

Everybody wants to give an unique gift to his/her valentine but to buy an unique gift you need to spend some money.Today I am going to tell you about some amazing gift for your valentine for free.You need no money just need your creative mind. So, lets see how you will be able to send an amazing gift to your valentine just for free!


You can make your valentines smile just using “Smilebox” Application.To do that first of all download Smilebox here.

Now follow the below instruction-

1.After download Smilebox you need to create an account and its totally free.Just provide your details .


2.Now you will see Smilebox main page.In this main page there is a tab called ‘Design Catalog‘ from where you can choose your desired design.To make your valentine day card you will click the option ‘VALENTINE’S DAY“.


3..If you click valentines day then you can see a good number of animated card  is waiting for you.From those you need to choose one. But there is one problem.Some of the cards are not free,to use those cards you need to pay.Don’t worry because besides those cards there are a good number of cards those are absolutely free.So you better go for that option.

smilebox_24.Now you will select one and edit that card.After selecting a card you will see one tab “Personalize“.To edit that card you need to select this tab.


Then you can insert  picture and also write whatever you want on that card .You can also select a background music.But if you want add any extra background music then you have to pay.


5. To add a photo you will have to select photo either from your computer or facebook or iphone.

smilebox_66.Finally you will just drag the photo to the blank spaces,write something for your valentine and add one background music.If you want to see the whole picture just click the “Preview” option.

After completing the card if you don’t like your editing one then you can again choose another card.

smilebox_77.The last step is to send that card to your valentine .You can post this card either in valentines facebook wall or send through email.There is another option “Burn on CD or DVD“. You can make one CD or DVD  of that card.

smilebox_8 smilebox_9 smilebox_10 smilebox_11 smilebox_12Now login your facebook account and from your friend list you will have to choose your valentine and post this card to his/her wall.

If you want to email then instead of select facebook select email, type your valentines email address and send this amazing gift to him/her and make him/her happy on that special day.

This card is totally animated and unique thing of this Smilebox is that you can add any photo and write anything whatever you want.

You can also make card by using this application for any occasion like weeding anniversary,birthday,invitation and so on.

Mia Eddy

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