Repairing Your Printer? Get The Facts!

Is your printer working far too slowly? Are your documents ridden with spots and lines that look unsightly and ugly? Should you experience any of these problems, then it means that printer repair is needed. If you are thinking of salvaging your precious printing machine, then here are some of the things you need to know about printer repair.


When Do You Need Printer Repair?

Should you experience these kinds of problems, then you need to seek the help of a professional repairer:

  • Prints too slowly – due to incorrect drivers, ink cartridge failure and the placing of a wireless printer too far from the router.
  • Poor quality prints – due to lack of ink, draft print settings, clogged print head, use of other types of ink, wet paper and the wrong side of the paper printed on.
  • Unresponsive to computer commands – due to wrong type of printer for printing, incorrectly plugged printer, wrong IP address and application error.
  • Unexpected prints – due to incorrect printer driver or unavailable font.
  • Displays error messages – due to unconnected cables, incorrect cables and offline printer.
  • Frozen rollers or fusers – due to fuser assembly blocked from moving across page, warrants professional printer repair.
  • Paper jam – due to incorrectly loaded paper or too many sheets loaded.
  • Blank prints – due to uninstalled cartridge, out of ink cartridge, and clogged cartridge.

Average Cost Of Printer Repair

The cost of printer repair depends on the type of machine you have at hand. For example, if you have a Laser Jet printer, an electro-photographic printer created by Hewlett-Packard, the average cost you usually have to shell out starts at GBP 250.

For inkjet printers, which are the most common printers available, the cost of printer repair ranges anywhere from GBP 25 to 30. While the price is definitely cheaper, most experts recommend replacing inkjet printers when they get broken. That is because the parts for these machines are not easily replaced. As for cost, they are very cheap because inkjet printers only cost about GBP 35.

Time Taken For Printer Repair

The time taken for printer repair depends on the extent of the damage to your printer. It is usually 2-3 days before you can pick up your machine. For best results, ask your printer repair specialist for the exact date of pick-up.

What To Do While Waiting For Printer Repair

While your printer is with the repairer, here are several things you need to do so that your tasks are not disrupted while you are waiting for your machine to get mended:

  • Print your documents with another machine.
  • E-mail your documents and PDF files instead of printing them.
  • Share documents on the cloud. Limited data storage is available so make sure to share the most important files only. If you like, you can purchase additional space so you can share other documents.

While printer repair is feasible, some problems require you to pay a higher price. When it comes to Designjet repair, compare the repair and replacement costs in order to get the best value for your money.

Sarah McDowell

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