Removal of Fake Photos of Gang-rape Victim on Facebook

It was on the 16th of December 2012 that the world woke up to experience another very bad omen that shocked all human beings to the bone marrow. Here, we are talking about the news of the gang rape that happened in India. It was reported in media houses all over the world that there has been a brutal rape of a 23 year old medical student in a moving bus by several men suspected to be members of a gang. Meanwhile, it is not just the rape by these men that caused the greatest ripples, it was the fact that after committing this heinous crime and inflicting untold pains on the girl in question, they went ahead to throw the girl out from the bus. This eventually led to the death of the young lady. This received condemnation from almost all quarters all over the world.


This led to calls from various angles to security agents and the state as a whole to make sure the victims are brought to book, and made to face the wrath of the law. This is to avenge the death of the girl as the parents and her loved ones will demand, and also to serve as a deterrent to those who might be planning such evils in the future. However, this event that took place in New Delhi no doubt received the greatest amount of publicity and sympathy any such event can ever receive, but due to the fact that there is a law in place, which entitles the victims of such sexual crime and brutality and their families to a certain level of anonymity, to avoid triggering situations of social stigma from others, the pictures and identity of the girl and her family was hidden.


But due to the dimension that information technology has taken, with everybody looking for ways of getting shares, follow, tags and comments, this was not to be. The fact that wherever you post such event you must elicit people’s views, sympathy and comments made a group of people to post pictures of a girl, claiming it is the girl that was involved in the rape. But this has been discovered to be fake.

The father of a student in south India has made a report to the Indian police, claiming that her daughter’s photo has been erroneously circulated on social media networking sites including Facebook as the girl that was gang raped.  In response to this, an assistant commissioner of police in India by name N Vinayakumaran Nair who is the head of the hi-tech crime enquiry cell clarified that following the complaints of the parent of the girl in questions, they have written Facebook about the issue in question, and have received an assurance from Facebook that the issue will be resolved soonest.

Commenting on this, he said that a probe has also begun, following the report by the father of the girl whose picture is being circulated as the gang raped girl. He said that they have written the site that posted the picture, and it should have been removed by now. He also reiterated that it was not only the father of the girl that made the complaint.  Immediately after the picture was posted, there were many comments that said it was fake.

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