Modern Gadgets Cut Housework Time in Half

Some harassed homemakers might find this hard to believe, but statistics show that today’s generation spends only half as long doing housework as those before them.

A study in the UK, which surveyed 577 adult women, has revealed that today the average woman spends 18.2 hours a week (roughly 2.6 hours a day) cleaning house, vacuuming, cooking and shopping for groceries. According to the UK’s Department of Education, the average amount of time devoted to housework back in 1965 was a whopping 44 hours each week. What factors have contributed to this significant change in our domestic lives?

Grimes Busting Gadgets:

As technology develops, even the most tedious tasks are becoming quicker and simpler than they have ever been. With dishwashers, microwaves, steam cleaners and various other highly advanced appliances taking their place in homes across the UK, the hours spent on time-consuming housework routines has understandably fallen over the past five decades.

Currently, the chores that take up the most time in the average household are:

• Preparing and cooking food;
• Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen;
• Washing up, or loading the dishwasher;
• Washing clothes.

Battle of The Sexes:

Despite the reduced need for housework on a day-to-day basis, it seems one thing still hasn’t changed; most women in the UK (around 70%) are still responsible for the majority of housework in their homes, despite the fact that many women now also spend as much time in the office as their male counterparts. Some say this shows that despite all our impressive technological advances, we haven’t progressed as a society when it comes to gender equality. However, another recent survey unearthed a surprising – and rather amusing – reason behind this seemingly unfair statistic.

Dirty Work:

The old saying goes “If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself” – and this housework survey shows just how true that sentiment really is. The informal survey, conducted by Sainsbury’s and covering 2000 British women, revealed that most ladies have far higher standards than gents when it comes to housework. According to the survey, the average woman spends up to three hours a week re-doing the unsatisfactory chores her husband or partner has completed! This might sound like a great excuse for men to try and get out of housework altogether, but most women surveyed did say they really appreciate the effort, even if the result doesn’t meet their standards.

As everyday technology continues to develop at an astonishing rate, let’s hope we’ll soon see a new generation of gadgets dedicated to making housework that much quicker and easier for men and women alike!

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