Mobile App Developers and Multi-Platform Apps

With the rise of more mobile applications, the need and demand for Mobile App Developers is also on the rise. Now app developers have the challenge of building a single game in multiple platforms. By using the multi-platform app tools, developers can provide services to various customers as well as clients. One of the prime aspects what the developer needs to remember is- regarding the platform for which the apps will be developed.  The developer needs to decide if they want to build the single app for various platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows. When an app is developed for cross platform, the developer needs to choose a specific program or utilize a third party tool that can generate code for cross platform at the same time. Most Experts suggest that by utilizing a Multi-platform tool, the developer can generate code for multi-platforms can help the developer save their time and efforts to great extent. To determine on the multi-platform tool, the app developer can analyze which is suited for the app development process PhoneGap and Air are two most popular Cross platform tools that has been suggested by Experts.

The main aspect while developing for multi-platform app is that the single application should be viable in all platforms alike. It is different while writing applications for a native platform compared to the cross platform structure. Various mobile platforms provide virtual devices that allow developers to write and debug the programs without any mobile hardware. These virtual devices work on developer’s computer, which will match with the mobile hardware and implement a mobile environment.  The developer can access this virtual device with the help of a keyboard and a mouse. All mobile platforms include built-in browser, which supports the apps that utilize Web standards. Instead of retrieving an application from the webserver, the web files are created in the device and executed with the help of browser. Various third-party tools like PhoneGap take the advantage of this feature. It creates a common JavaScript Application Programming Interface with platform-specific code, and gives programmers access to cross platform with a single code base. The developers can utilize Mac, Windows, Linux, BlackBerry, platforms for this purpose. With the help of multi-platform apps, it is just not the app developers, who gain success, but the client attains great success. The company can build a single app for various platforms and gain a top spot in the market.

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