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In recent years, the internet has become an extremely important part of our lives. We work, play, communicate, shop, trade, and entertain ourselves with it. Moreover, the availability of laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, and such gadgets has made it easier to connect to internet from anywhere and anytime. As this has progressed, we notice that internet resitrictions imposed by network administrators, and even governmental authorities in some cases have started to really hinder our ability to use our favorite tool of communication, entertainment, and information. School, university, or workplace authorities sometimes block social networking and entertainment sites in order to keep the internet lovers busy studying or doing their office work. Governments of various countries have banned users from enjoying video and networking sites due to religious freedom and nudity reasons. Whether or not these restrictions are justified is a topic for debate some other time. The bottom line is that restrictions on the internet annoy everyone of us. All this makes us think about what solutions exist that allow us to overcome the restriction and to fully enjoy the internet. Fortunately, various methods and software are available that can bypass these blocks efficiently.So, let us learn how to access blocked websites.


Methods of unlocking blocked websites

  • Proxy sites: Using proxy sites is an easy way to access blocked sites. You just need to visit an available proxy and then type the name of the website you want to unblock.
  • Anonymizer Web Sites: Anonymous web sites enables you to surf internet with an IP that is different from your real one by connecting you to a remote server.
  • IP addresses: One can also sometimes access blocked sites by just entering the IP address of the particular site in the address bar. This only works in a region where the website is blocked using its web address.
  • Google Cache: The utilization of google cache for unblocking the sites is also a popular method for surfing the web in restricted places. But this method only works with a few particular web sites.
  • Translation services: Another way to access blocked content and websites is by using translation services like Google translate and Yahoo! Babel Fish. With the help of these services, the users can translate the text language of the website which allows effective access to blocked websites.
  • Using VPN: A VPN or Virtual Private Network is considered the most effective and reliable tool for surfing the internet without restrictions. A VPN works on tunneling technology that efficiently bypasses the filters that are put in place to block content by schools, an office, or government authority. Moreover, you can enjoy anonymous web surfing with VPN technology that frees you from the worries of identity theft and many other internet threats. You can also enjoy Geo-blocked websites and apps like Netflix, Spotify or Pandora from any part of the globe with this advanced technology. People can easily take advantage of the contemporary features of VPN as numerous VPN providers are available on the market. However, it becomes a tricky task to choose the best VPN. Hotspot Shield VPN is widely regarded as the favorite of many people around the globe due to efficiency and reliability.

Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN was developed by AnchorFree, a top company of the domain. The software works perfectly and bypasses firewalls and filters like a breeze. Equipped with the latest technology, Hotspot Shield VPN encrypts your transferred data allowing you to surf the web with total security and privacy. You can easily unblock Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or other such sites anytime and from anywhere with the help of Hotspot Shield.

Some outstanding features of Hotspot Shield VPN are:

  • Seamless performance: Hotspot Shield VPN offers reliable performance that allows you to access blocked sites and content easily.
  • Complete security: The shielded tunneling technology protects you from all kinds of malware, spam, and phishing sites.
  • Maximum privacy: Hotspot Shield acts as an IP hider and enables the user to browse the internet with complete privacy. It makes your online presence invisible to those monitoring the network allowing you to enjoy sites like YouTube at school or in a restricted country. Moreover, the user is also secure from identity theft by using this advanced VPN IP hider.
  • Compatible: Hotspot Shield is compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems.
  • User Friendly: The software is widely praised for its user friendly features. It is easy to download, install, and to run.
  • Most Trusted: Hotspot Shield VPN is among the most trusted VPN software in the world with over 100 million downloads.

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