Key Features and Review of the New Apple iPhone SE

Everyone knows the Apple brand is a well known and very popular brand of computers and other smart devices across the world. Now days, most of the individuals would like to buy any model of Apple iPhone because of its unique features and stylish design. It is not only the reason to be passionate on buying iPhones but there are numerous reasons. Those who are all very brand conscious only want to buy the Apple iPhone to enjoy the smart features and benefits of it. From the earlier versions of iPhone to the latest versions, there are massive numbers of exclusive features incorporated in. Among those different features of iPhone models, today a lot of buyers are willing to buy the iPhone SE for their smart choice.


Review of the New Apple iPhone SE:

Actually, this new version of iPhone SE is a smaller size device as compared to the other models of iPhones in the market. When it comes to this new model, Apple Inc didn’t make the new design of smaller device to the users. Instead, they have just reused the older version of iPhone 5s with some of the new internals. Even though it is a redesign of the 5s model of iPhone, this iPhone SE has a stylish look and all advanced features beneficial to the users. This 4 inch Apple smart iPhone has the internals just like the iPhone 6s and also the design of the iPhone 5s to provide you combined and affordable choice of iPhone with the great features.

Although iPhone SE doesn’t include any path breaking technical features and innovations new to the world, it is really a good and affordable choice for the buyers who are too budgeting conscious. The term SE in the iphone SE is actually known as the Special Edition. It provides you the small frame of 4 inch device but with the top end device specifications which definitely enhance your smart phone experience.

Specifications of iPhone SE:

  • Display – 4 inch with the 1136 x 640 resolution at the 326 ppi
  • Storage space – 16 GB or 64 GB
  • A9 chip with the 64 bit architecture
  • It has Touch ID
  • Operating system – iOS 9.3
  • Primary camera – 12 MP iSight camera
  • Secondary camera – 1.2 MP FaceTime camera

As it has the smaller 4 inch size of frame, this new version of iPhone SE will surely be the most loveable smart device to all users to perfectly hold in your smaller hands and tiny fingers.

If you are willing to buy this new model of iphone SE, first of all you need to understand what it good in this device next to the specifications. The main beneficial feature of this new device is its smaller size. More numbers of people are feeling hard to use the large size iphones. This is why Apple Inc has decided to provide you the smaller size device which is compact and fit in your hands.

It is really rare in the market that you can’t see this kind of smaller size phone with the great features. This is why it is really a very good option to the people who would like to buy the smaller size phone with the iphone standard features. With the handy design similar to the iphone 5s and amazing features of the iphone 6s, it surely reached the target audience within a few days from the release. Around the world, a lot of individuals are frequently buying this model of iphone SE to enjoy its features with the 4 inch small frame. It is completely faster and smoother to use and works well in all the conditions.

Key features of iPhone SE:

  • It has 4” display with the 16M color LED backlit IPS LCD of the 640 x 1136 pixels resolution with 326 ppi.
  • Dual core 1.8 GHz twister 64-bit processor with the PowerVR GT7600 GPU, Apple A9 SoC
  • 2 GB RAM for the fast processing
  • Primary camera is 12 MP F/2.2 with the true tone LED flash option. It also has various others features including phase detection auto focus, 720 p video recording at 120 fps and 240 fps, 2160 p at 30 fps, 60 fps and 120 fps, 1080p at 30 fps video recording.
  • Front facing camera 1.2 MP F/2.4 with the features like 720p at 30 fps video recording and HDR mode.
  • Built-in storage space – 16 GB or 64 GB
  • First generation Touch ID finger print sensor
  • Battery – 1, 624 mAh with the power saving mode
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • 4G LTE Cat.4 with the feature of 150 Mbps
  • Lighting port
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • GPS with the A-GPS and also GLONASS
  • NFC

This new iPhone SE definitely has the nice and attractive feel of using the reused model of the old version of iphones. It is now viral in the worldwide mobile phone market because of the appreciated compact size, well formed design, and powerful hardware specifications to use. It will absolutely attract so many numbers of new users to the Apple platform and retain them to use this new model of iphone.

The iPhone SE is really a great option for your one-handed use because of its smaller screen size. As it has only 4 inch frame size, the users can easily reach all four corners of this device screen without messing around. At the same time, it is totally light and weight less smart device for your use. So, it will be compact and perfectly fit in your hand. The display has enough brightness and the text appears on the screen is perfectly sharp. You don’t feel any trouble using this new model of iPhone SE even in the direct sunlight. For watching videos, its smaller size screen will provide you better HD video watching experience. With the 2 GB RAM, its performance is very good and fast to comfortably use this iPhone device at any situation.

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