Is Macaulay Culkin Dead or Alive?

The question is now in almost everyone’s mind whether Macaulay Culkin dead or alive? A lot of stories about Macaulay Culkin’s death has been published and also getting circulated in the internet.Most of the posts are telling about the sudden death of Macaulay Culkin.If you search in the internet with the phrase “Macaulay Culkin death” then the first story you will get that Macaulay Culkin is dead.The date of Macaulay Culkin is changing everyday and in the search result the post shows the current death.



But the real thing which i have got after searching and researching all the news is that Macaulay Culkin is not dead and he is very much alive.But the thing is he is addicted to drug like heroin.This is very serious that he is addicted to heroin and he is spending a lot of money after this addiction. The online blogs and news presenters started posting the death news of Macaulay Culkin when the US tabloid The National Enquirer published one news regarding the addiction of Macaulay Culkin.The tabloid also mentioned that Macaulay Culkin’s death is only six months away if he does not give up the addiction to heroin.

The US tabloid “The National Enquirer” published a story named “Home Alone’s Star Macaulay Culkin Addicted To Heroin With Only 6 Months To Live” which shocked the whole world and the question Macaulay Culkin is dead or alive comes!To make their news stronger they also challenged the “Home Alone” actor to go for a drug test and then decide who is telling the truth.

As this is clear that the “Home Alone” actor is addicted to heroin and he needs around 6000$ to refuel his body every month this is quite pathetic.This is to notify my readers that the tabloid also published same kind of story about heroin addiction of Michael Jackson before his death and after some time the story became true.

We expect that this time the news makes Macaulay Culkin more sensible and we wish that he will give up his addiction to heroin and will take proper treatment.We do not want Macaulay Culkin’s death.

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6 thoughts on “Is Macaulay Culkin Dead or Alive?

  1. “….he is spending a lot of money after this addiction” , What a bullshit, heroin is the cheapest drug, may be 30$ per day is enough for the dose!

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