iPhone Screen Showing iTunes Logo while Starting – How to Fix?

After a small nap in the afternoon I grabbed my second iPhone to check some for some old pictures in that iPhone and found the phone is dead. When I pressed the power button, the iPhone screen showing iTunes logo while starting up. The USB cable connection sign was also there. I got scared! I did not face the problem before today. The screen was like below:


So, from the above pictures you can see how the screen was looking. I knew I can recover those pictures from iCould backup but I was not sure how to recover my iPhone from this freezing screen. After searching for a while on the web, I have found solution about how to fix it. After one hours of suspense, I finally fixed the iPhone without any problem.

How to Fix an iPhone Screen Showing iTunes Logo while Starting:

To fix this problem of iPhone screen showing iTunes logo while starting, you need one computer, the iPhone USB cable and a computer with internet connection.

  1. At first you need to download the latest iTunes which is free! You can download the latest iTunes here! To download iTunes file you need the email address and need to select your location. After downloading, you will have to install it on your computer which is an easy step by step process. If you already have the iTunes on your computer, you do not need to download it again. The recovery process is easier for you!
  2. Now, after installing the iTunes, you will have to connect the iPhone to your laptop or computer. After connecting you may get message like “Installing Device Driver Software” and then “Installing Device Driver Software”. Below pictures shows the message:


As I am trying to recover the iPhone from a Windows computer, it is for the device driver software. In the below picture the installation of the driver is in progress:


This problem happens when your device is unable to do a software update. You have two options to recover your iPhone. One is to update the iPhone and the second option is to restore it. If you restore the iPhone, you will loose all your data which was stored in the iPhone. So, if the first option which is update fails, then only try to restore your iPhone.

If you already have iTunes in your computer, please click on the “Help” tab and you will get “Check for Updates” in the drop down list. Please click on that tab and check for updates if there is any.


If your iTunes is up to date, you will get the below message straight away to Update or Restore your iPhone.


Please click on “Update” cause this option will keep all your files on the iPhone. It will take some time to download the updates and restart your iPhone.

If the update fails for some reason, then only click on Restore and then recover all your files from iCloud backup. I have recovered all my files just by clicking on update. It worked for me! So, iPhone screen showing iTunes logo while starting is been fixed with the above tricks.

If you are facing this problem of iPhone screen showing iTunes logo while starting, I hope the update option will also work for you. If you find this article helpful, please share this in social media with your friends so that they can get some help from it. If you face any problem while restoring your iPhone you can ask me via comments. I will be more than happy to help you.

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