Online Interview With My Blog Guest CEO- Ann Smarty

Those who are in the field of blogging and love to write in other blogs as “Guest” they already know what is “My Blog Guest” and they also know the person behind “My Blog Guest” is Ann Smarty.Ann Smarty is one successful online blogger and she is trying to promote several products of her through online along with “My Guest Blog”.


Ann Smarty

Those who do not what is “My Blog Guest” for them i just want tell them this is a haven for the bloggers to make a guest post in others blog.It also entertains the facility to get a guest post from this platform also.”My Blog Guest” service in the primary level is totally free.You can also upgrade your account just by paying some amount and can enjoy the additional features of it.

Below is the line up of My Blog Guest Team:



Ann Smarty – CEO

Michael Tikhonin – Web-Programmer and Consultant

Amit Mojumder – freelance web designer

Mark Jackson, an awesome and smart digital consultant in Surrey, UK for his very cool scripts (ranking system of members and blogs and avatar resizing script);

Gerald Weber, for his help spreading the word.

If you want to know more about “My Blog Guest” then just read the article in my blog “My Blog Guest – The Best Guest Post Exchange Site“.

I had a great opportunity to interview the CEO of “My Blog Guest” and she had shared some valuable points in this interview.Below is the interview:

Question 1: Hello Ann, how are you and how is your cat “Sonya” ha ha..?

Answer: Nice, thanks 🙂 I actually have three cats and they all are great!

Question 2: No doubt the website “My Guest Blog” is a very unique idea. Lot of bloggers from Asia to America are participating in “My Guest Blog” forum discussion. This is like a “Blog valley” in my words. How did this unique idea came to your mind and when it came to your mind?

Answer: It was born but itself 🙂 I started blogging 5 years ago and some well-known people on SEO surprisingly started inviting me to guest post on their blogs. It was easy to see the benefit as I could watch my brand to be easier recognized with each guest post I did. So the idea was born. It took me a couple of years before I was able to launch the website because I had too little time at that time (giving birth and raising my kid). So I only managed to do that 3 years ago, but the idea had been born long before that.

MyBlogGuest Moderating Team

Question 3: Bloggers so far know that you are the CEO of “My Guest Blog”. So, are you managing the whole operation or you have employees or partners who are helping you with their service?

Answer: I am blessed to have the right people to be working with me. We have the great team of mods (both in-house and international) and a great dev team which is operated by my brother . So I am mostly doing marketing and PR rather than maintaining.

Question 4: From your point of view how one blogger can make the best use of “My Guest Blog”?

Answer: There are tons of ways to benefit. Accepting guest posts is the first obvious one (here are few case studies and opinions about the benefits of guest blogging and here’s also one video opinion from our publisher). Also, you can get social media shares using the Help Needed forum (here’s the video review from the mod who is managing it). We offer many more opportunities to network including the Twitter chat and Google Plus Hangout. We give away lots of tips and tricks weekly!

Question 5: Right now there is no advertisement in the website “My Guest Blog”. Are you planning to put some advertise in the website?

Answer: No, I want to keep our users free from any ads. I want them to enjoy MyBlogGuest only.

Question 6: As we can see from your profile that you are also a blogger and I will tell so far a successful blogger. What is your opinion if someone want to take blogging as a profession and what are the key points to become a professional blogger?

Answer: I wouldn’t recommend planning your career as a blogger as you might burn out too quickly. Blogging should be an enjoyment. If you expect good money from it, you’ll soon be disappointed. I’d suggest building your own product (like an eBook) and selling it – that’s a good monetization method and blogging works great for that.

Question 7: What is your future plan with “My Guest Blog”. I mean are you planning to add any new feature to “My Guest Blog”?

Answer: There are lots of plans and hardly any time to implement them all 🙂 In the nearest future I am going to step back from MyBlogGuest and work on my other projects (one of them is almost launched: Viral Content Buzz). I feel the need to do something else not to feel limited by one project. I want to feel inspired.

Question 8: Any message to “My Guest Blog” users?

Answer: Thank YOU!You are all awesome. I know our mods may sometimes be strict to you trying to maintain the platform quality and integrity but we never forget that we only exist because we have you and your support!

Ann thanks a lot for your valuable time. Hope that “My Guest Blog” will get more users from all around the world. Thank you again for your wonderful service for the bloggers from all around the world.

If you like this above interview then just share this among your friends and blogging friends.Share this in your social network.Please leave a comment if you want to relay something to Ann Smarty.

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