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They say “Contentment is happiness” but it doesn’t hold true for businesses. To stay ahead of the competitors, a business organization always has to think about all the possible ways to expand its customer base and increase its revenue. Today’s businessmen don’t want even a single proposed customer to stay uninformed about their products and services. That was the reason that almost all the businesses across the globe launched their websites to reach swiftly growing multitude of customers who tend to derive all information from the internet. The same type of situation is emerging once again, this time for iPhone applications.


The whole world has witnessed that how rapidly iPhones got popular among people. These small devices can make people connect to the internet anywhere and anytime. So, most of the people having such phones don’t resort to desktop systems to access the internet anymore. And obviously why would they when they have the power to gain all the information through their phones. That’s why it’s become very imperative for all the businessmen to get an iPhone application developed.

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  • Popularity:

More than 4 million iPhones have been sold so far which evince the popularity of the device clearly. And even after so many years the popularity doesn’t seem to be faded and it’s predicted by the experts of the industry that it will continue to grow in the long years to come. Till today over 1 billion iPhone applications have been purchased through iTunes stores. These applications are used to enhance the features of an iPhone. If you haven’t developed an iPhone application for your business, you are missing a very large section of proposed buyers who are not able to reach you through their iPhones.

  • Wide Range of Applications:

You can find scads of such applications available for sale. The best place to find these applications is the Apple Store which is the official online store of Apple, the manufacturers of iPhones. Whatever type of application you want, mention a suitable keyword and you will be availed be a few applications ready to be used. In such a situation, absence of the application of your business in the Apple Store can make the proposed customers to go to your competitors.

  • Return on Investment:

Have an online research and you will find that there is no dearth of iPhone application developers and hence development services for iPhone apps are available at very competitive rates. So it doesn’t really cost a fortune to get such an application developed. And if you get your application developed through an experienced and dexterous company and the application really interest the iPhone users, you can make good money. Thus, the returns on investment of these applications are always very good.

  • Marketing Strategy:

When it comes to the marketing strategy, iPhone is doing it very exceptionally. As mentioned earlier, Apple runs its own online store to sell the applications. The store works as a platform for the application owners or developers to sell the applications. You can set the price of your application at your will but it subjects to a minimum amount specified by Apple. The 70% of the total cost comes to you and the remaining 30% goes to Apple.

Pushpendra Shukla

This post has been contributed by Pushpendra Shukla, working as Sr. Associate Internet Marketing with Moability, a company providing iPhone Application Development services.

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