Importance of Alexa Ranking & How to Improve Alexa Ranking?

Many websites are bought and sold every day in the internet world. Some websites are sold for few bucks and some website owners get thousands of dollars for selling their sites. Now the question is why some websites are so expensive while the others are sold so cheap. What is the difference between the low price sites and premium price sites? There are many factors to analyze the difference between a low price site and an expensive website and the best to understand is the ranking factor. Yes, ranking of a site makes one site better than others. SEO experts are full time engaged to improve the rank of their sites.


What is good about Alexa?

Alexa rank is updated daily and the results for the top 100K sites are most accurate. A site can stay in top 100K only if it continues to maintain its performance. Many SEO experts say that if you have been able to rank your site in top 100K then you can leave your 9-5 job and focus on your website.

What are the Tools to Show the Rank of a Site?

There are many tools to calculate and show the rank of a site and each has its own algorithm to calculate the results. Some of the most important ranking tools are Alexa rank by Alexa, PR by Google, Moz Rank by SEO Moz, and Technorati rank by Technorati etc. Out of all these tools the most used is Alexa. Website buyers and advertisers trust Alexa most because it calculates rank daily and you can see the result of your effort every day.

How Does the Alexa Rank a Site?

Alexa counts many factors while ranking a site and the most preferred ones are updates in a site, bounce rate, backlinks, and the total visits etc.

Updates in a site are important in the Alexa rank than anything else. The more frequent updates a site gets, the better will be its Alexa rank. It means if a site secures its rank in 100K then it can be assured that mostly the site is updated daily.

Alexa checks total visits but how do the Alexa checks total visit. Alexa provides a toolbar to download and counts the visits of those visitors that have this toolbar installed. So this is the worst thing about Alexa and thing becomes worse for the sites sitting out of 100K. If you want Alexa to count your maximum visits then provide a link for downloading the Alexa toolbar on your site also so that the maximum of your visitors have this toolbar installed and their visits can be counted by Alexa in ranking your site.

Alexa checks the bounce rate but what is bounce rate. If a visitor visits your site and leaves your site without visiting any other page then it contributes to the bounce rate. If you want the bounce rate to reach its lowest figure then it is important that most of the visitors visit at least one page more than its primary visit.

Alexa checks Backlinks but the count of backlinks may be different than what you can see on Bing or other backlink checking tools. This is again because of the Alexa toolbar. Alexa does not count a link that comes from the site that has no support for Alexa. Alexa counts only one link from one site. It means if you are getting 10 backlinks from a site then Alexa will count it as one. These are the reasons why the figures calculated by Alexa and Bing may differ.

Are the Alexa results 100% accurate?

No. Although Alexa results might not be 100% accurate but if a site ranks in 100K then the results are most accurate. It means the results by Alexa can be trusted for all the sites that show up in 100K but for the sites sitting outside this 100K mark, the results cannot be guaranteed.

How to Increase the Alexa Rank Every Day?

Alexa rank matters a lot for millions of buyers so you can follow some simple tips to increase this rank.

1. Update your site daily

2. Create a free account in Alexa and get your site verified

3. Allow your visitors to download Alexa toolbar

4. Try to reduce the bounce rate

If you cannot do these tasks then hire a SEO expert to take care of your Alexa rank.

Hope this post will help you a lot to make your Alexa Ranking better.If you find that the website is helpful for you then share it in social media so that it can help others.

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