Hybrid Servers: New hosting technology that lets halve the price

It is really difficult to choose which hosting service to use. VPS is cheap, has flexibility, instant setup and automatic migration, but it has it’s limitations. For example no dedicated resources, which you will get only with dedicated server. But it’s price may seem too big. That’s why new hosting technology Hybrid Servers comes for help, which is the combination between VPS virtualization technology and individual server.
You can see short video explanation here:

Hybrid Server – individual, dedicated, secure and automatic server. This new technology provides customers with good services for low price. With hybrid server customer can get flexibility, instant setup, automatic migration, dedicated processor, dedicated RAM and dedicated HDD.

It is a combination of a powerful enterprise-class’s server with virtualization technology. Server is separated into Hybrid server environments using RedHat KVM or any other virtualization. Each Hybrid environment is securely isolated and has guaranteed resources available to it which ensures a high level of performance and responsiveness. A Hybrid server combines all of the benefits of virtualization technology with the performance of a full dedicated server. So, you can use automation (suspend, restart, reinstall OS) easily and be sure for individuality.
One powerful server is split into few (normally two) Hybrid servers. For example:
Powerfull server with these parameters:
Intel® Xeon E3-1240V2, 4x2x3.4 GHz
4 x 2 TB SATA3 7200 RPM
Is split into two Hybrid servers:
Intel Xeon 2 core,
2 x 2 TB SATA3 7200 RPM
Therefore you can reduce electricity expenses and have an opportunity to halve hosting price because you don’t need to buy another server’s body.

Some people compare Hybrid servers with VPS and call them powerful VPS, but it is not the right way to describe them. They should be called dedicated server with additional function – instant setup.

Today there are only about 10 reliable companies in the world which offers hybrid servers. One great example of company is www. hybridservers.com .

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