HTC will Introduce Fingerprint Sensor in HTC One Max Next Week

Just after the release of the big iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, HTC is going to introduce their next model which is HTC One Max. The release will be hopefully on October 15th. The wall street journal has already reported that HTC will introduce fingerprint sensor like the iPhone 5s. One leaked picture of the internal part of the HTC One Max shows that the fingerprint sensor is in the backside of the phone unlike the iPhone 5s.


Photo Courtesy: TechCrunch

Though it is still not declared that  how HTC is going to use the fingerprint sensor but this is quite sure that the release of the iPhoone 5S with fingerprint sensor has done something to their design strategy. They are also going to improve the BOOM sound sterio speaker.


The HTC max will have a 5.9 inch display but other design will be similar like the previous model HTC one. Though the metal backed smartphone from the Taiwanese company had got some good review from the reviews but it did not add some extra in the annual turn around of HTC.


As a lot of source is reporting about the new release of HTC, now the news is not a rumor and if HTC really release one android version with fingerprint sensor, it will become the closest competitor of iPhone on the other side. Asia still rockz!

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