How to Use Skype on a Mac with iPhone Earbuds?

Skype is a great way to be able to communicate for free. While most Apple users probably prefer to use Facetime, they really cannot use it when they want to communicate with other non-Apple users. That is why Skype is so amazing. It not only works across multiple platforms, but it is free.

Below is a list of a few tricks in order to help you not only to use Skype on a Mac, but to help utilize you iPhone Earbuds in the process. Your iPhone Earbuds already have a built in microphone, so you do not have to worry about using a separate microphone.

Step 1: Plug in your Earbuds

Again, this has to be a set of Earbuds for your iPhone that already has a built-in (often referred to as internal) microphone. You can simply plug it into the headphones jack of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Step 2: Open Skype

You may have to go through some setup if you have not previously opened the program. You will also have to register and create a username if you have never created a profile before. This is so that you will be able to provide a way for users to contact you, and so that they have a point of reference when you are contacting them.

Step 3: Adjust your Preferences

Once you have opened Skype you will see a section labeled preferences. You will need to select this category. There will be a long list under the preferences category such as General, Privacy, Notifications, Audio, Calls, SMS, Video, Chats, File Transfers, and Advanced. You will want the Audio preference category.

Step 4: Setup Audio Preferences

Once you are under the Audio tab of the preferences you will need to make a few adjustments. Make sure the selections match the below:

Audio Output: Built-in Headphones

Audio Input: Built-in Microphone External Microphone

Ringing: Built-in Output Headphones

It is easy to make these adjustments. If any of your categories are not listing the proper selection than just simply select the correct one from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Test You before You Call

There is a special section of Skype that will allow you to test that everything is working properly before you proceed with making or receiving calls. Go to this section and test that everything is working correctly. Once you can hear everything and the microphone is registering with the system you are ready to call.


Skype is a great program to use. It works with mobile devices, PC, and Macs. It is free to download and the basic use is free as well. You can text messages, instant message, call, or video chat with a single individual for free. It is extremely useful and beneficial. You can use it converse with friends or long distance relatives. You can also use it for business meetings. Group chats are easy.

The deluxe version of Skype will allow you to video chat with multiple people, also known as video conferencing, but this is not available on the free version. There are some other upgrades that also come along with the paid software that are not available with the free version.

It is important to check your mobile plan before you begin to use Skype on your mobile devices. There are a lot of charges that can tack on rather quickly if you are using more data or time than is allotted by your plan. It is best to check these things out before you receive an extremely large cell phone bill.

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