How to Recover a Reformatted Digital Camera Card?

I had a customer call our support line who had accidentally reformatted her camera’s digital media card before she uploaded the pictures to her computer. She had the past few months worth of pictures from the holidays and recent family parties on the camera card.  She was pretty upset about loosing them and anxious to Recover a Reformatted Digital Camera Card.


After the reformat she could no longer find any remaining pictures on her camera card.  Even though her camera card had been reformatted, the pictures will remain on the guide until new data is saved onto the card.  There are several companies that make digital picture recovery software.  Prosoft’s makes a application called Klix for $19.95.  Klix is award-winning, easy to use and works with on a Mac or PC.  Klix Digital Picture Recovery Software will work when the digital pictures have been deleted, lost or if the media card has been reformatted or even corrupted!

Luckily she had stopped taking pictures immediately after she reformatted the card. I guided her to try the free trial version of Klix to scan her camera card and see her pictures.  As the scan completed she began to see thumbnails of the images that were being found and she saw many of the pictures she was looking for. She purchased Klix and was able to recover all of the images from her camera card to her computer. She was very glad that she didn’t end up losing her priceless pictures.

Mike Fiato

I have been working for Prosoft Engineering for 4 years by supporting our Mac & PC users with hard drive utilities and data recovery applications. My focus is continually updating our award-wining products with new versions, by listening to our customers and researching market conditions. I am seasoned high tech professional with 10 plus years of experience in hardware and software as a Technical Support Manager, Field Application Engineer and Product Manager. Specializing in Mac & PC workstation hardware/software support, performance computing, benchmarking, technical marketing and product sales training.

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