How To Make Money Using Twitter?

Everybody from affiliates to CPA gurus have been milking twitter for what it’s worth. Which is quite a lot really. And it works well for your average Joe too. Twitter is relatively easy to get into to make some extra money.

The trick is getting the balance between cash making spam bot and giving valuable information. To get the best results Space out your ads between interesting tweets. That will entertain and bedazzle your followers to keep following you. Well hopefully that will be the case anyhow.

How To Get Twitter Followers?

So how do you go about getting those extra followers. The easiest and quickest is to just buy an account. While not the cheapest option. It’s the easiest to get your feet wet with the world of twitter. What is really good about twitter is you can change your username and all aspects of your profile. So no-one will ever know you didn’t go about all the hard work required to get those 1000s of followers. *Note this might be against Twitters TOS*

Already got some followers but it’s not enough to quench your insatiable thirst for more followers, more power, more glory wahahaha. Ok so I got a bit carried away. This again is more than likely against twitters TOS.

Offer Something Valuable to Your Users:

Ok so buying followers and kind of inheriting them is kind of frown upon. How about bribing them or everyone. Offer fabulous prizes to those people who start following you. Or even better offer prizes to people who get you the most new followers.

Write witty relevant tweets. Want to get re tweeted by your followers. Make a cool statement that stands out from the background noise of tons of other users tweets. You will get retweeted. You want this. Watch in amazement as your tweet skims along the waters of the internet picking up new followers for you. Think about it. One of your followers retweets you. All that person’s followers see that tweet, maybe one of them thinks hey this tweet is pretty rocking stuff. I’m going to retweet it. And the cycle continues. Depending on how good your original tweet was.

Follow Famous People:

Follow famous people. Note only attempt this on tweeter. Being a celebrity follower/stalker is not a good way of making money. Well not in the non twitter world anyhow. Unless you enjoy spending time in confined spaces with very *friendly people*. Not only is there a slim chance that the celebrity might follow you back. But other fans of said celebrity might start following you.

Get listed. Do you like lists? I like shopping lists, mine usually consist of beer, beer and other such essentials like asparagus and beans. Do a quick search for twitter auto follow lists. There are a world of automated twitter tools out there that enable people to auto follow. Try to pick one up as if you don’t follow people back they will stop following you. Unless you have awesome information they actually want to hear about.

Any comments slash spam slash cheese questions, please ask away. I hope you enjoyed this article on how to make extra money with twitter.


This article is contributed by Pritam who blogs at Jobs8Home. You can find many quality tips on make money, blogging, online business etc. on his blog.

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