How To Engage Website Visitors In 2013: Top 3 Methods?

We are in the age of engagement and as such marketing on the web now requires more than just the posting of content. To keep your visitors coming back for more and following you via the various social networks you need to incorporate new and bolder methods.


With all the information constantly coming at consumers and web surfers, it’s important to find ways to capture people’s attention. Being on the cutting edge requires a constant vigil and creative measures. This could be hiring a top notch social media guru with a proven track record of growing social media platforms for a company. Or it could mean writing articles that some might consider “shocking” to capture your readers limited attention span on your company blog. Marketing (in any and all its forms) has become a blood sport and if you don’t adapt, you will get eaten by the bigger and bolder sharks in the water.

However there are things you can do to reach and capture busy consumers in 2013 and these methods are in demand for a reason. Because consumers are asking for them and because new media is here to stay.

How To Engage Website Visitors In 2013: Top 3 Methods

1. Video –

Look up almost any product term in Google and you’re likely to get a video result along with text results. Why? Because ever since Google bought YouTube, the biggest and best video engine on the web, search results instantly became a multi media affair. But it also makes sense from a non Google angle as well, since video was already a huge consumer attraction. Think about it. Video is a great way to learn something. If you want to know how to change the oil in your vehicle, would you rather read a four page guide on how to do it or would you rather watch a 7 minute video that shows you step by step how to do it. That’s a no brainer.

With this in mind, it makes sense to create and use “How To” videos for you niche. If you run a blog about SEO, then a series of videos on how to perform on site SEO would most assuredly peak the interest of your readership. Video is one of the best ways to increase engagement on your site in 2012, be sure to incorporate it into your mix.

2. Podcasts/Audio/Multimedia –

Podcasts although once thought of as exclusive to the iPod, is now mainstream and many use it for a variety of niches. There are podcasts for every conceivable topic including business, travel, finance, web marketing, food, SEO and so on. If you happen to have a nice voice and wish to try your hand at audio, try a podcast today. If this is not your forte, you could always outsource it.

3. Social Media –

Many say that social media now also plays a role in SEO. Although this is debatable from one camp to the next, you can’t deny the power it carries on the web. Plus it can also be fun. It can be daunting to think of having to create and manage an account for the fab four; Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest so what we advise is that instead of creating all these various accounts is that you start small with one or two at the most and grow at a slow pace. And if you don’t ever get to the point of opening accounts on all four then just stick with the top two – Facebook and Twitter. It’s better for you and your business if you have two properly managed and active accounts then have four half managed and half active profiles.

The three most important things you can do on social media (mainly Facebook and Twitter) are: 

1. Share items of interest with your followers

2. Ask questions

3. Toot your own horn (from time to time)

If you can get these three steps down and try them religiously for a few months, you WILL grow your presence and also drive traffic back to your site or blog. Be relevant, be fun and most important of all – measure your efforts over time.

Which strategy above (video, audio or social media) will you try for the remainder of 2013? Share with us below.

Missy Diaz writes for Records Ferret, a website that provides public records research online.

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