How to Enable Email Subscription of Your Blog?

If you are not blogging in a free platform like Blogspot or WordPress platform and you have your own custom domain name like .com or .org then you must need to customize some option to enable the email subscription if you are using one widget to provide your “readers” one option for Subscription. If you do not enable email subscription from Feedburner then your readers will get one message “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled ” if they try to subscribe your blog posts.

To enable this option for your readers you must need to add your blog in Feedburner. If you do not know how to add blog in Feedburner then just read my post “How to Add WordPress Custom Blog in Feedburner?” After adding your blog, the first thing that you need to do is to below:

1. You need to go to the option named “Publicize”.


2. In this section, you will get one option in the right hand side “Email Subscription” which is by default “inactive“.

3. You need to click on it and need to make it active.

4. Before clicking the active button it will show some HTML code and you need to put in your blog. This code is for a subscription from for your blogger. You can put it any page your want. The code will be like below:

feedburner_email-subscription_codeand the form will look like below after entering the code:

Feedburner_Subscription_FormNow your email subscription will be active.

If you want to check whether your email subscription is ok or not, just enter a dummy email address in the subscription box and then you should get a screen like this:


This means that your email subscription option is ok and your reader only need to enter the captcha and after that the subscriber will get one email and subscriber need to click on the confirmation link in his inbox to get subscription from your blog.

Suppose that you have installed one nice Subscribe widget like “WordPress Multicolor Subscribe” Widget. In this widget there is one option named “Enter Your Feedburner ID“.In this option you need to enter the id which is in your Feed address last part.

Hope that this will help you to enable email subscription option of your blog post. If you have any question then please leave those as comments. I will surely answer those.

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