How to Download Movie from Torrent Site in Linux Ubuntu

We all know that Windows is the most popular operating system in the world of computing. But for some specific reason many people who are from a tech background, use Linux as their operating system. Also, people who are trying to learn Linux operating system for developing some high level language may also face some problem while learning it initially. I have also switched my operating system from Windows to Linux and facing some problem. So, I think that who are using Linux for the first time may also face the problem. In one of my previous post I had described about how to download movie from Extratorrent, but that is for Windows operating system. So, here I am going to explain how to download movie from a torrent site.

Step 1: To download movie or any file from a torrent site in Linux, at first you need to download and install one BitTorrent client software, which will help you to download files from the torrent sites. While choosing the best BitTorrent Client Software, the best one that I have chosen is Deluge BitTorrent Client. The reason why I have chosen this software is, the main reason, it is available in the Ubuntu software center and you can just search it by its name and download it easily. This is very easy.


From the above picture, you can see that the software is available in Ubuntu software center and you can install it just by clicking “Install”.

Step 2: After installing the software, it will become easy for you to download any movie or any file from any torrent site. I usually download movies or files from the site and you can also go to check the site.

Step 3: After going to the site you will get all the latest movies, music torrents, books and softwares. You can select any file according to your need. If you do not see your desired file on the first page, you are also allowed to search the whole torrent site.

Step 4: Now suppose you want to download one movie and clicked on the movie link that you have chosen. You will get the below window:


From the above window, you need to click on the link which is just beside “Download Torrent”, which will led you to the another window.


From the above window, you can see that you will have to clink on which tab to download the torrent file. When the torrent file gets downloaded, you will have to double click on the torrent file and one pop up will come. You will have to click “OK” on that file and your download will start immediately. You can also open the Deluge Bittorrent Client and from the “open” tab you can open the torrent file where it has got downloaded and then you can start download.

On the Deluge Bitorrent Client screen you will also be able see your download speed and estimated time for download.

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