How Do You Mass Produce Audio Discs?

Mass producing audio discs is fairly simple, depending on how you choose to do it and how many you need. You have a few options – you can have a company do it for you, do it home if you don’t have many to make, or rent a CD duplicator.


Hire a Professional:

Your first option, having a company do it for you, may be a little more expensive than doing it at home, but if you don’t have the means, then this is your best option. If you do an internet search for “mass produce cds”, then you will find a company that will do it for you. The great thing about this process is not only do you get your audio disc with your custom art printed on it, they can also make CD cases as well, for an additional fee. If you were to mass produce CDs at home, then this would be a difficult feat to accomplish by yourself, unless you happen to have a commercial printer at home.


At this point, you’re probably wondering about prices. Most CD replication sites offer a free quote if you send them an e-mail. You can upload the files right to their website, which is convenient, or you can send them the CD via e-mail for them to copy for you. It all comes down to which service you choose.

Do it Yourself:

Your second option is to do it at home. This option is only recommended if you don’t have very many CDs to make. This requires blank CDs (you can buy these in bulk online or at your nearest audio store), a computer, a printer and CD labels (optional), and a software that lets you burn CDs easily. This process could be very slow, and if you’re making enough CDs, not exactly cost-efficient. It is worth it if you’re making under 100 CDs, though – any more and it’s not worth it anymore.

Rent the Equipment:

Your final option is to rent duplication equipment. Many media rental stores will allow you to rent a CD duplicator. It seems like most CD duplicators rent for about 50 dollars a day, so if you are intent on making many CDs, this is the most cost-efficient method. This won’t cover the issue of making CD cases, but depending on how many CDs you’re going to make, this will be cheaper than mailing away to a service.


In closing, it all depends on how many CDs you plan on making. If you’re making very many discs and need cases, it’s best to send away to get them made professionally. That way you can get cases printed and CDs made quickly and easily, for a flat rate. If you plan on making under 100 CDs, you can do it at home with your computer. However, this process can be very tedious if you’re making a lot of CDs, and it doesn’t solve the problem of where to get cases. If you have a medium amount of discs to make, try renting an audio duplicator for your home, and send away for cases to be printed professionally. Happy listening!

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