Givit iPhone App – Edit Your Video Using iPhone Like Professional!

Are you tired of having to tell your friends and family “wait for it, the good part is coming?” You’re not alone. Luckily for us all, there have been app develops on a mission to create a video editing and sharing app designed with user’s needs and demands in mind.


Givit is the new up and coming video app that is created with the editing as you go feature in mind. With their cool highlight feature the user is able to select the specific parts of their recording they want to actually go into the final video.  The result? A video that is full of only the good stuff, so say goodbye to the pause and effect method and hello to instant gratification. There’s a bunch of other fun and quality editing effects available, for instance the slow motion effect, add in music, specialized transitions, zoom, instant replay and so much more.

This FREE app is designed for iPhone users is well put together with fans worldwide; from sports parents to action sports enthusiasts, the users are pouring in. Which is good news for the Givit creators, after all, isn’t almost everyone trying to come up with the next big thing in an app?

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