Get Free Traffic Through Flashvisites for Your Website

If you want to get traffic to your site for free with a traffic exchange program then this solution is for you. The solution to get traffic for free is an exchange program through and website named . This website gives you the opportunity to exchange traffic for your website just for free and the exchange rate is very fair which is 1:1

Personally i do not support any traffic exchange program if it is for your niche based blog or your personal blog or any blog through which you want to do marketing of your product.

But there are some webpages for which you need some traffic and exposure. Like if you want to sell some product which is less in price and easily attract any person, any book which is a hot cake, any service which has a good appeal through the general website users, or any webpage which need some traffic from around the world. In those cases traffic exchange program is very fruitful and you can drive some real customers through this kind of traffic exchange program. So, my post is for that type of webpages or blogs. If you are a serious blogger or a serious niche based blogger, then you must need to depend on the organic traffic which is the best source of traffic for your blog.

While browsing internet, i have got one website named which will provide you free traffic. The process of getting free traffic through is very simple. The steps are below:

a. Though the website is in French language, but no need to get worried. You can translate it into English. You do not even need to log in or register in that website.

b. If you go to, then you will see some links like below and you need to click on those links:


From the above picture you can see three steps. The instruction to follow those steps are below:

Step 1: You need to click on those links and you will get points. 1 Point for each click. You just need to click and wait for 1-2 seconds which is not time consuming at all

Step 2: In step 2 you do not need to do anything. In this area you will get how many clicks you have done and the number is equal to that. It is like your available points. Please refresh the page before checking for points. They never cheat. The more you click the more you will earn points.

Step 3: Here in the upper box you need to put how many clicks you want for your blog or website and in the second box below, you need to write your website address. Each and every time you can change the website address. Like first 100 clicks for one website and the second 100 clicks for another website. This is very much flexible.

You will also be able to buy traffic from this website. You will get 2500 views only for 1 Euro. So, you can image the rate is also very cheap. The best thing is no one can use bot to make click on these links. These are all manual clicks and you will get some good out put from these clicks. If you have any question about this free traffic exchange, then you can ask me through comments.

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