Fusioo – The Ultimate Project Management Software and Customizable CRM

Customers are the heart of your project. This is very important to manage your project and preserve the customer information at the same time. For a large project, this is very important to have the same tool to manage the project information and customers information. If you want to synchronize your project information with your customer information, you need a very good tool which can help you to do so. Fusioo can give you a total control over your data. You can play with your data and design your plans accordingly.

How Fusioo Works?

Apps: By using Fusioo, you will be able to create your own app without writing any code. Apps are used to track, share and manage information. You can create as much Apps you want and you can name the apps according to your need.


Fields for the Apps: After creating the App, you can create the fields. You can create those fields which you need to track. Examples of the fields are like Project Cost, Project Status, Project Team Members etc. Fusioo_AppBuilder_Charts

Dashboard: There will also be a dashboard for your app from where you will be able to create charts, metrics and lists. It will also help you to track down different data.

 How Fusioo is Going to Help You Out?

Quick Migration:

Fusioo has a built-in tool through which you can import data from the app. You can model the app according to your current data and  then you can do bulk upload. You will also be able to get you data whenever you want.

Improved User Experience:

The user experience of the apps are awesome. Because the users create their own app according to their needs which will help your team member to add in the decision making process.

Scale on Demand:

If you need to add more data, you will be able to do it without any panic. The most exciting thing is you do not need to buy additional tool.

Controlling who access what is a great advantage of Fusioo. You can add as many roles as you want. You can create roles like Admin, Developer and Client. Admins will have administrative privileges, developers will access the developer workplace and the clients will get notification of the ongoing progress of the project.

Real Time Notification:

Real time notification is an amazing thing in Fuisso. You will get the information about what your team is working on. Assign tasks, projects, issues, leads, support cases and more. You will get notification when any of your team mate updates anything that you are following.

Data Security:

As the clients are storing their valuable data in the database, this is very important to ensure the data security of the tool. Data security is one of the biggest concern of Fusioo. The security features are below:

  • Instant load balancers and auto-scaling are used to ensure that our product environment remains online.
  • Data is stored in different data centers around the globe.
  • Firewalls are used to protect every cloud service, virtual machine, storage and database.
  • DDos protection.
  • Hourly and daily back up of all the data.
  • The data entered in Fusioo is yours and you can export or delete it anytime.

Pricing of Fusioo:

You can get a 14 days free trail of the tool. After that you can set up the payment. If it is monthly, the charge is 9$ and for the annual pricing plan you can save up to 25%. Fusioo is a pay as you go system. So, you can close the service whenever you want.

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