Few SEO Tips That will Help Your Business to Climb the Ladder

Visualization is something that Helps you to reach target audiences and earns good results for your business. Do you know what is the key to get to the top of Google search results.? You must be thinking its links, impressive content and on page optimization, isn’t it?


All these things do matter but what matters most is how uniquely you picture yourself in front of potential clients. After extensive research few tricks are found that can help you take any website and improve its SEO rankings.

Few strategies that we have for you that will make you look popular on search engines are mentioned below. In order to boost your search engine traffic these handful of tips are sufficient enough to register growth in your earnings. So lets have a quick look

Key #1: Indexed Pages are the Result of 404 Errors:

You must have noticed a 404 error page indicating a “ page is not found”. This usually happens when you have changed URLs over time or taken off few pages when you examine carefully and repair your design. Instead of using similar 404 error page, you could experiment with some design that is more entertaining.

Although you could improvise 404 error page, but it’s not going to push  you to the top of search engine rankings. Cure of this situation is, create a customized image that links few internal pages on the site, each time error page is loaded , you will find link changing automatically. This technique is so effective that you will be able to increase search engine traffic by somewhere near 10% in a matter of a month due to 404 error pages. As the number of indexed pages increases, the opportunities of getting search traffic increases.

Key #2: Never Afraid to Take a Lead

Another trick could be to a develop product showdown where products act against each other. Being a user you have to vote for winning product. You may not have knowledge that there is no winner at all.  Every time the page gets loaded, the product showdown page changes the two products that are competing changes. This increases the number of indexed pages and hence search engine traffic increases to over 10%.

Key #3: Do You Really have Infographic Moving?

Infographics  helps a lot in content marketing, but nowadays they don’t do as good as they used to do Reason being they are too old to resist and its like topics are now being brought back into the  mouth after they have been swallowed. This should not be taken as if infogrphics won’t help you to bring traffic its just  You are required to be more skillful with them. Usage of infographics may cost you more but if you have money , it’s probably worth  having.

Key #4: The Skyscraper Trick

In a highly competitive industry everyone would like to be on top. Have you ever had a thought how securing 2nd position instead of 1st. Human being is the most selfish animal known in the world and so his wish list never ends. This technique reflects this tendency.

Simple Steps That can be Followed:

  • Step 1: Look out for other contents that are already inn and have got lots of links.  By using any search engine you can accomplish this task in a few minutes.
  • Step 2: Try to create impressive content and follow the concept you found.  For instance if you found content like “11 SEO tips that will help you to climb ladder” that gained thousands of backlinks, you may then build a content named “101 SEO tips that will help you to climb” ladder
  • Step 3: By asking people to leave comments on your content with sites you specified in your blog you can attract more traffic and links. That is how you can reach with right mass.

This technique requires ample of efforts and your precious time for creating content that is worth saluting.

Key 5: Mix and Match

Mix and match technique allows you to steal great ideas and follow the logic behind and put it in your own way like to take infographics from outside and paste them on your site. You need not have to come up with new ideas every time ,you can borrow thoughts from others as well. You are required to link back to the original source, but the irony is you will get more comments and shares for that infographic than the original creator does. Copying content is not a good idea as it will create duplicacy effect but borrowing graphics and images and mauplating it with your own text may give you a positive review. To avoid copyright issues, you are supposed to link back to original source always.

Key 6: As Quick as Possible

It has been found that when search engines rank slower sites towards the top of listed pages, users get poor user experience, decreasing the usage of that particular search engine. Servers with ,more CPU powers and memory can increase your search traffic to over 20% as web page loads faster which provides you with over 20% within a month.

Key 7: Content Length has to Do with Ranking

It is seen that the more word count web page contains the higher it reaches in the rankings.

Quality is always given importance than quantity. Writing content that has deeper meaning is worth reading and will remain valuable for over a decade. But at the same time putting in depth valuable information that carries over 2000 words in length attracts more traffic than the ones with less quantities of matter in their website.

Tom Bishop

Tom Bishop is a well known writer who Works for Los Angeles SEO ,internet, technology Firm and some other topics of his interest. He wants to share his views to the world on internet marketing and conference services and some other topics like Telecommunication etc.

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