Exhibition Design Basics: Making The Right First Impression

Exhibition design is a vital part of your marketing strategy and a company needs to exhibit its products and services correctly in order optimise their success. Before deciding on an exhibition format for a business, there are many decisions that will need to be made. Your business’s exhibition space should have the correct company branding and you should consider your target audience when designing a layout.


 The Importance Of Audience Targeting:

It is important that a business recognises its audience and targets them correctly when exhibiting the services or products they offer. However, although a company may have identified their main audience, it is vital to consider that, within this group, there will be a number of smaller groups – each with their own requirements and needs that a company should try to meet.

As the aim of an exhibition is to sell to your target audience or raise awareness about your brand or company, the design of an exhibition space is vital and should be carefully considered with your target market in mind. The chosen marketing strategy of a business should be one that will successfully sell your business’s services and products to your target audience.

 Exhibition Requirements: Volume:

This is something that very few people take into account when designing their exhibition stand. If your company only participates in a couple of events each year, you have more time to plan your exhibition space and optimise your design to attract your target audience and, therefore, generate custom. However, when participating in numerous events, each with very different exhibition requirements, your business doesn’t have as much time to plan and design a series of effective exhibition designs.

 Outsourcing Exhibition Design

Many marketing or events management companies are qualified in exhibition design services and are, therefore, able to offer high quality designs based around your target audience. Professional marketers are experienced in designing successful exhibition designs, therefore, it is likely that they understand the needs of your audience better than you do – especially when you’re running a small company. The experience and expertise of a professional marketing company or an event management company can be a huge benefit to your business. By using various resources that, as a business, you may not have access to such as; banner stands, exhibition lighting, large format laminating etc., these companies can help make your overall exhibition design appear more professional and thus drawing in more potential customers.

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