Engaging Your Followers On Twitter Is not Hard (In Fact, You Already Know How To Do It)

If you are new to engaging your customers through Twitter, it is likely that your lack of experience will result in a mistake or two. Even small mistakes, though, can have serious implications for your business. The wrong approach to engaging your customers on Twitter can end in a quick loss of traction. So, this is very important to know how to engage Twitter followers.


The first rule to succeeding on Twitter is to understand that Twitter isn’t an advertising medium. Rather, it’s a way to build long-term relationships with your customers. If you put this principle at the core of your Twitter policy, you will find that most of the Twitter mistakes that plague your competitors simply don’t happen to you. Succeeding on Twitter, then, doesn’t require any special rules. You simply need to bring to your Twitter followers, the rules that you would apply to any human relationship.

Sending Out Tweets That are Advertising Outright:

It’s no secret that businesses get on Twitter to sell more. It’s important to remember, though, that Twitter isn’t about direct selling. It’s about building goodwill and relationships so that sales may occur in the indefinite future. Twitter followers only appreciate advertisements over tweets when they are truly special insider-only deals. When they get regular advertisements, they tend to quickly feel exploited.

If you need your business tweets to advertise your products, you have to be careful about how you couch the advertising. With fashion accessories, for instance, you may need to come up with an attractive new idea for what to do with each product that you wish to advertise. Your tweet should go out as a new fashion idea that just happens to include a product that you sell, rather than as an advertisement that just directly pushes a product.

Pathetically Pleading for a Following:

Businesses are understandably anxious to gather large Twitter followings – a large number of engaged customers is a reasonable guarantee of continued success. Many businesses use the simplest way that they can think of to gain a large following – they literally beg people to follow them – with tweets like Plzzz, Begging u 2 follow us @FallFashunzz. In general, begging for support works no better on Twitter than it does in real life – it only makes everyone leave.

If you want people to follow you on Twitter or to retweet something that you send them, you need to make it worth their while by proving yourself to be worthy of trust and respect and by being interesting.

Putting Your Twitter Account on Autopilot:

Many business Twitter users equate that being constantly active on Twitter with being interesting. For this reason, they simply decide to put their Twitter account on autopilot, sending out predictable tweets all day long. When you put your Twitter account on autopilot, things can go wrong in a number of ways.

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  • Many businesses trying to promote a particular event, contest or product on Twitter keep one or two tweets going for hours. They don’t realize that people like Twitter for helping them keep up with the latest in everything. It turns them off when a business is stuck to one, tired old thing.
  • Others try to keep their Twitter account active by re-tweeting everything that they can get their hands on. Retweets shouldn’t make up more than 25% of the tweets that go out of your account. If they do, people will wonder you don’t have anything of value of your own to say.
  • Tweeting too much is a bad idea, even if you do have good content.
  • If you need to write your tweets ahead of time and schedule them to go out over the day, you still need to keep an eye out for any changes that may make them inappropriate. When there is accident in the local area, a serious political development or other important happening, you want to make sure that your scheduled tweets don’t come off looking inappropriate.

Remember that Your Twitter Followers are Real People:

Business owners tend to forget that it’s real people and not faceless electronic addresses that receive their tweets. It’s important to bring all the rules of good human communications to your Twitter feed. It can be difficult to succeed on Twitter when you forget that you’re dealing with real people.

Federico Einhorn

The article is written by Federico Einhorn and he is the Founder and CEO at FullTraffic. Passionate about Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, regular writer for the FullTraffic Blog. Since 2005, FullTraffic has evolved to become one of the most important Traffic providers worldwide for small to medium sized businesses.

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