Dos and Don’ts of Effective Website Design

Why does a business need a website? What is the purpose of having a website for your brand? It is pretty obvious that a website portrays a business, its functionalities, its product and services and much more and so every business either a startup company or small medium enterprise do have their websites. If you still don’t have it, make one. So, what do you think is the reason behind showing up the product & services online of a brand? How could it benefit the company? The answer is pretty common for all type of businesses.


Every business operates to get revenues and similarly to make up a website is just another way to build up an online and an intangible shop of your brand to get revenues. It does not end with just having a website; it is about steering your audience in the right direction. If your clients are not giving a call to action, you need to go back to your drawing board and get your work re-done.

Read few Dos and Don’ts of Effective Web Design. Read, understand and use them in your work design.

  1. A Clean Layout:

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”  -Milton Glaser


A website with a clean layout and quick navigation is the most preferred one. A good designer selects a layout that is simple, clean and easy to navigate. The viewers do not like overlapping content and images.Try using a clean and a simple layout.


Do not clutter your site with a lot of text and images. Hugger-mugger sites push the users away from them.

  1. Be Relevant:

A website designer keeps a focus on what is appropriate to the site. Are you building a website for a business that sells one particular product or various goods or services?

If it is a business site, it needs to be relevant to specific products or services eliminating additional images and content that disturbs the sophisticated look of a site.


Keep your site structured. A structured site meant to be a consistent site throughout. An inconsistent website is more like a broken bridge, though being a part of one but still split.

People like consistent things, so your web pages should be too.


Do not fill up your site with shapes such as rectangular boxes everywhere. A website is not meant to be a geometric world with embedded shapes and content.

  1. Automatic Windows Pop Up:


Junky advertising makes your site look cheap and your product less professional. Keep your site clean with neat page layouts.

A good way is to use Google AdSense as this would only allow displaying relevant ads. A website that displays relevant content and ads in a neat and professional manner is likely to add value to their brand.


People really don’t like flashing links and automatic pop ups. It like getting forcibly into an unwanted zone. A custom web design company eliminates it in the first place, because we are here for the audience, and we need to see what our audience likes.

  1. Small Sized Files:


None of us like being kept waiting. If the site takes long to download, your visitors will eventually move on the other site. Keep small sized images and content to let your site load quickly.


Don’t let your visitors wait for long when they visit your website. Avoid cranky unwanted ads and popups on your site.

  1. Font Selection:


Custom typography is good for a web design. You may use Google Fonts which are free and appears the same on all screens without any changes.

Tip: A left aligned text looks neater and more readable that the flashing text.


Do not use custom fonts without knowing whether it will look the same on every screen or not. Fonts appearing as unreadable text on other screen is no more than just the worst experience for your user of visiting your site.

  1. Colors:

Colors add life to a design, but it must be in an adequate manner. If a website looks overdone with colors, then the designer need to do back into the shape.

Would you like yourself get overdone in dressing or makeover same is the case with a website, a cluttered website filled with excess colors is not more than a trash after the click. Are you interested in clicks or call to actions? Think, you will get to know how to design.


Companies which haste more with less speed are none other the custom website design companies. Go with a color scheme and background that fits together and strengthen your brand.


Avoid using graphics that don’t fit on the screen. Adding too many colors with an irrelevant background will steal the focus from your main images and text.

  1. Quality Content:


The content and design go hand in hand. It is good to focus on design but merely does not mean to ignore the content.

A well-designed website with a quality content is like an icing on the cake.


Junky content makes your site look cheap and your product less professional. Bust it!

  1. Shape Up The Buttons:

Some websites do not need buttons, but most of them have it. Just how annoying being kept waiting is, same is the feel when your user cannot find a call to action button. It is like being in dire straits.


Keep your buttons clear and precise. Overdone or unseen buttons are overlooked.


Try not to let your call to action button go unnoticed. If you want people to click through, don’t forget the importance of placement.

So, here you go with the dos and don’ts of a website, use them and get a good traffic to your site.

Michael Kamm

Michael Kamm is a content writer who works at Invictus Studio, a professional logo design company in Dallas, Texas. He is an author by day and a reader by night. He is an enthusiastic blogger with deep thoughts about marketing and technology that ultimately reflects in his work.

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