Don’t Miss the Hottest Blogging Trends Of 2017

Blogs are one of the most popular platforms for sharing information and connecting with your readers.
If you are a blogger who is looking forward to knowing all the latest blogging trends of this year, then you have come to the right page.
In this post, we are going to tell you about some of the hottest blogging trends of 2017 which would lead to greater audience engagement.


  1. Video and audio blogging

The attention span of your audience has reached a new low, which is the reason why bloggers are now going for video based content.

Videos, images and podcasts are good ways of capturing your readers’ attention while providing them with relevant information.

Content in 2017 is being highlighted by the use of videos and images.

  1. Storytelling format

In order to ensure enhanced audience engagement, bloggers are reverting to the ancient art of storytelling.

Narrating what you have to say in the form of a story is a rather creative way to interact with your audience.

Narrating your personal experiences or testimonials in the form of a story has become the trend of our times.

  1. Endorsing a product/service

There are loads of bloggers who are making money by going for affiliate marketing. For example a travel blogger might want to include links to rucksacks, suitcases and other travel related products in her blog.

The trend in 2017 is towards creating solid content which would help to advertise a product or service.


  1. Live streaming

Live streaming is now bigger than ever and it is no wonder that bloggers are also trying to keep up with this trend.

Live streaming would allow you to interact with your viewers in a more intimate way. Going live from time to time would allow you to engage with your followers like never before.

  1. Better content

The most important ingredient for running a blog successfully is the creation of quality content. It goes without saying that poorly written content or fluff content isn’t going to attract any viewers.

You need to come up with fresh content on interesting topics on a regular basis.

Grammatically correct fresh content is going to prompt your readers to hit the like or share button.

  1. Long posts

Even two years back bloggers hardly went for content over 500 words.

These days, however, the trend has shifted in favour of lengthier content.

Some of the top rated blog posts of this year were of more than 2000 words. So try to delve deep into the subject matter and create long blog posts.

  1. Data driven approach

Your blog isn’t going to have much credibility if you post drab content and fail to authenticate your claims with proper evidence. In order to make the content more credible, bloggers are now pursuing a data driven approach towards blogging.

You need to use plenty of statistics, quotes, case studies and other kind of interesting data to supplement your content and attract more readers.

  1. Eliminating the comment section

Many bloggers are doing away with the comment section since the trolls are taking advantage of this feature to spread hatred and attack the authors or other commenters.

Instead of the comment section they are looking forward to engage with their audience through likes, shares and live videos.

  1. Greater use of graphics

As you surely know by now, all readers like to see some images between the texts. Bloggers in 2017 are paying more attention towards better images to capture the reader’s attention.

Infographics, images, GIFs are now a rather important part of every blog page. Using these images alongside the posts encourages better audience engagement and prompts them to share the post.

  1. Blogging has come up as a business

People are successfully monetizing their blogs not only through ad revenues, but also by marketing products or services.

Bloggers of 2017 are more focussed on selling e-books, digital products and information packs.


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Himadri is a passionate blogger who writes for his technology tips & tricks related blog TechnTechie. He is also a PhD candidate at the University of Canterbury. Though it is hard to balance time in between research and blogging, he still manages time to work for his own blog and writes regularly. The dashboard of this WordPress is the only place where he does not feel tired!

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