How To Design Facebook Covers That Don’t Suck

Facebook is that ultimate social platform, where you can reach out to maximum clients, at the same time. It is not just used for making new friendships, but with few easy steps, you get the opportunity to make friends, like never before. So, it is mandatory for you to create an FB account, and try to make it as attractive, as possible. Remember, if you are willing to do business through this medium, then your cover picture will be like a mirror image of your brand. So, you have to work harder just to make this service even more appropriate for use.

Use of tools:

If you are a novice and have no clue regarding the best ways to make Facebook covers, then you might want to take help from some reliable tools. These are designed for those novices, who truly want to know what Facebook covers really look like. And through their proper help, it will hardly take any time from your side, to make the perfect cover, just like you have been waiting for. With the perfect Facebook cover, you can always be right in the top form.

These tools are going to integrate some of the best utility functions along with new design features. And that is enough to bring some quick creativity within your mind. With the simple few steps, you can always get the right deals.

Follow the right steps:

Is this the first time when you are trying to use the proper Facebook tool for designing the covers? In case, the answer is yes, and then you might want to check out on ways to use it. It will hardly take few steps from your side, to get the deal down. And some of those steps are listed below:

  • For the first prime one, you need to open the Facebook cover tool, you are planning to use. There are loads of cover templates for you to choose one. Take your time and go through all the available options, before you finally click on one.
  • For the next step, you have to choose from the preset template. After that, make sure to use the drag and drop option to get your photos, and place those, right on the template. You can follow the designs as mentioned over there or can try to use some of your creativity into it, and come with some interesting options.
  • In case, you want to get hold of the next step then it’s time to modify and make some requisite changes. You have the right to modify and make some designs, to go with the requisite changes. You can always remember to create some overlays, which will help in maximizing the visual impact of your cover layer.
  • And for the last step, you get the chance to preview these designs; you have just created with the help of these Facebook cover tools. If you like it, then the deed is done. And if not, you are most welcome to change it. When you are completely satisfied with the design, you can choose the perfect size and format according to your will.

Other steps to follow:

If you are not quite associated with the FB cover tool usage, then there are certainly other points, which can help in designing a cover, which won’t suck.

  • Crowd source:

For the first one, you can always try your hand for Crowdsource. It will help you to choose the most powerful photo, to go with the cover of your Facebook page. For using the best option, you can either take help of the crowd-sourcing websites or just ask your fans for the ultimate option they want to see. That will help them to get some engagements, as well, with your FB page.

  • Crop photo:

Always try to crop photos to highlight the main parts. That will make a perfect cover story, and will attract more crowds than what you have expected. It is always better to crop a part of a picture and use it, rather than rooming. Too much of zooming will degrade the quality of picture too. So, you better avoid that.

  • Starting from the scratch:

Awesome Facebook cover designs need to start from the scratch. There are so many interesting ways to use tools, and you can always do that. But, starting a new page design is always better than re-constructing or re-designing any old one. It will help in adding a sense of uniformity.

Following these points will help you to create the perfect Facebook covers, which are never going to suck. And these will help you to get more customer enriched bases, than before.

Sunny Chawla

Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs – A Web Design and Digital Marketing Services providers. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on digital marketing services, social media, content marketing and SEO.

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