Choosing a New Mobile: Simple to Use or the Popular Choice?

The variety of mobile phones available in the market has increased significantly. There are some people who constantly keep changing their phones with each change in technology. They are techno-freaks who always want to carry the latest gadget. While buying a new mobile phone, your first thought should be with the basic requirements followed by tariff plans and network connectivity.


The choice of a new handset is complicated. It is like choosing a PC, PDA, camera and music player together. A smartphone is a perfect combination of all these devices and more. In spite of being costly and complicated, smartphone usage and demand is increasing day by day across the world.

Market Driving Forces :

What are the reasons that drive people to replace their existing handset with smartphones? Features like GPS, large screens, video calling and 4G connectivity attract consumers towards smartphones. However, elderly consumers from the baby boomer generation are loyal to their basic, standard version of mobile phones. They have not yet acknowledged the importance of owning a smartphone.

Which Features? :

Usually, a customer has a strong preference for a particular feature in a mobile phone. Some customers have an affinity towards an advanced music player and some of them may be looking for a powerful camera. The younger generation may find looks more important and business people may want faster Internet connection. Manufacturers have identified these trends and developed handsets that have these features. So, a music freak will have a handset with advanced musical options whereas a person who desires a high quality camera will choose a different smartphone.

Personal Choice :

Also, the choice of a mobile phone depends on the nature and aptitude of a person. Tech-savvy people feel attracted towards the latest gadgets. They enjoy exploring the newest and latest innovations in mobile technology.

At the same time, there are people who despise technology. They undergo a lot of stress adapting to new technology. They would generally prefer simple to use mobile phones, so that they have minimal difficulties using the device. There may be people who are merely interested in the calling and texting features of a phone. For such users, the choice of network and tariff plan is more important than the choice of a handset.

Your Buying Decision :

Key points to consider when selecting a mobile phone are design and features. After all, you are going to carry the device with you most of the time. So, the design should be attractive and sleek. You must select a handset that makes you feel comfortable and suits your style. Features include screen size, camera, processor, battery and mobile operators.

Basic phones are ideal for people who are looking for simple and uncomplicated devices. Feature phones can be perfect for those who are trying to save costs. They offer many features similar to that of smartphones, but at a lower cost. Smartphones offer top-notch features and design. They are the most expensive, yet the most in-demand mobile phones. Constant innovations in mobile technology have improved user-interface and enhanced the user experience over time.

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