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  1. IluvID
    April 29, 2013

    Hey, the law of unlocking phones DOESN’T MEAN that rooting is illegal. Rooting and (carrier) unlocking is VERY DIFFERENT. In conclusion:
    Unlock Carrier = Illegal
    Unlock Android (Root) = 100% legal.
    What the DMCA means to be illegal is carrier unlock and NOT root.
    I’ve rooted my android, and I don’t worry at all about legal issue. And in my country, all GSM phones are unlocked (excapt iPhone).
    Rooting is safe (if you’ve backuped your data first)(unless you are a newcomer), great, and 100% legal.

  2. FixUrArticle
    December 22, 2013

    Thank you for correcting this guy, IIuvID! Unbelievable, that he didn’t check his sources regarding the DMCA, and also that he neglected to delineate between the terms “rooting” and “unlocking”. Ronald Smith confuses the subject more than helps. I was not very familiar with these terms when I found his article, and if I had just read his article and stopped, I would’ve went of half-cocked with bad info. Thankfully, I kept Googling, and found the real definitions and the real interpretation of this new ruling/exceptions by the Librarian of Congress!

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