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You would have to admit that sometimes you have put your time and effort into creating your blog and you have ended up being disappointed in the end because not a lot of traffic went to the site. There is even a possibility that the blog did not generate any traffic at all. It can be every blogger’s nightmare. Bloggers would like to reach a lot of people through their words and the things that they post but if no one is willing to read the content of the blog or to even visit the blog itself, it will not be eventful.

How to Bring Traffic to Your Blog: 

If you have already been blogging for quite some time and you do not know how you will get noticed in the big market which is known as the World Wide Web, here are some things that you can remember:

Expose Your Blog Post:


Do you think the above picture is related to my post? Or you are thinking why i have added the picture to this post? This is not fair at all! It does not go with the theme of the post title. But this is also a kind of exposure. When you must need some attention from your reader then you need to do something which can grab their attention. The attention seeking tip can be anything. Really anything !! Like a stunning video or a stunning picture or a popular image etc.

  • Commenting on other people’s blogs. It is likely that one of the reasons why you have gotten into blogging is because you were inspired by someone who is blogging about the same or different things from what you are planning to blog about. Commenting on that person’s blog will at least generate a few curious clicks from regular commenters and readers of the said person’s blog. It might even help the blogger itself notice you and if he or she likes your work, he or she may promote you to his or her readers.
  • Give possible readers an option to subscribe to your blog. When people like your blog’s content, you would have to be ready for the fact that they will be waiting for the next installment of the things that you are going to blog about. Your blog would seem like a book to them or a magazine that they would find interesting. The more subscribers you have, the more people you are going to generate to your site.
  • If you are willing to spend a bit of money to get people to visit your blog, you can allot some money in advertising your blog through advertising companies. They will be in charge of promoting your blog and providing links to people who might be interested in your web content.
  • Be a guest blogger in a popular blogging site. This is one way by which people will notice you. If they like the things that you post, they will most likely visit your blog regularly.

Important Points to Remember :

Do remember though that aside from the things mentioned above, you would have to make sure that you focus also on the content of your blog. If your blog would be full of things that your target audience will not be able to relate to, they will probably not waste your time to visit your blog. Make sure that your posts are relatable and your website or blog is user friendly. There are times when people get turned off with visiting blogs they used to love because of the new layout. Make sure that you choose a layout that will appeal to majority of your target audience.

Robin Milford

Robin Milford is a professional simple CRM consultant who works for CleverTim company.

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