Why I am Using Hostgator as Hosting Company for the Last 4 Years

Yes, I am running this blog TechnTechie for the last 4 years. The blog is in WordPress and using Hostgator hosting company as web hosting provider. I still remember the date which was 25th June, 2012. Before that date, I used to write blog in free blogging platform named Blogger – from Google. Blogging in free blogspot platform was fun but I was missing some important facilities which were available in WordPress blogging platform. After starting my blog, within couple of months I have found blogging as my passion. I got to know I blog not for money, but for my mental satisfaction. As I was not fully satisfied with free blogspot platform. I was looking for the best web hosting for beginners.  I thought the best option for me is to buy a domain, then to host it in a hosting company.


I was Confused About the Domain Name:

The next challenge was to choose a suitable domain name which matches by blogging interest. After thinking for 2 days I came up with a domain name which explains my blogging theme and my story also. I choose the name as Tech n Techie, which means technology and the technology savvy person (which is me :)). At that time I was quite excited about my tech blog.

Other recommended posts to choose the best web hosting for beginners:

The Next Challenge Was to Choose the Best Hosting Company:

Using Hostgator hosting company was not a sudden decision! I was eager to host the domain in a hosting company as I wanted to switch from Blogger to WordPress. I did some research about different hosting plans. The points I was quite concerned about the downtime, blog loading speed and after sales service. This is not always easy to run your site if the hosting service is not good. If the hosting servers are down most of the time or cannot handle the load of your traffic, you will loose visitors and the rate of returning visitor will be low. Like if you run an online business, if the visitors find your website down, they will not come back to your website again. This can be compared to going to a shop. If you go to the shop in a business hour and if your shop is closed, then the customer will not come back to the shop again. After reading a lot of reviews and considering all the points, I got a hosting company on the web. I choose to go with that hosting company and today I am a happy and proud user of Hostgator hosting. I can say without any doubt that HostGator is the best WordPress hosting for beginners. Using Hostgator hosting company was so satisfactory for me that I bought my hosting with them till 2018 (which is 2 years from now.). This is my hosting history from domainhistory.net website.


My Hosting Contract with Hostgator is Up To Date till 2018-06-25

 Let me explain you a bit about the HostGator WordPress hosting plans and why I am telling this the best web hosting for beginners. The advantages of the hosting service provider below : (You can also check it by yourself just by clicking the HostGator promotion banner below which will direct you to their website)

Hostgator Plans for WordPress and Review:

Hostgator has the below 3 plans for WordPress based blogs or websites:

  • Hatchling plan: which is for single domain hosting. This is a shared hosting plan. I use this plan for my blog. Sign up for Hatchling plan here.
  • Baby plan is for multiple domain hosting. If you have more than one blog and you want to buy a hosting plan, this is the one you will have to go for! Sign up for Baby plan here.
  • Business plan also allow you multiple domain hosting and additional things like SSL and dedicated I.P.


Get the prices for the above web hosting plans here >>

If you want to buy a domain name, you can also buy it from Hostgator with your hosting package.

Why I Choose Hostgator Hatchling Plan?

Baby plan and Hatchling plan are quite similar. Only one feature is added in Baby plan which is not available in Hatchling plan. In Baby plan you can host unlimited domains but in Hatchling plan you can host only one domain. Business plan for shared hosting is for those who wants to start their small to medium business online or wants to have their company website. The pricing for Baby plan and Business plan is almost same as the facilities are same.

If you are a new blogger (just started blogging in a blogspot blog or in a free WordPress.org platform) who wants to give a try with a particular niche blog with a customized domain name and want to remove the .blogspot or .wordpress.org part from your blog domain name, Hatchling plan is right for you. Go and grab the plan here. This plan can host only one domain and you are also starting your blog in one domain. You will get single domain hosting, one click WordPress installation, unlimited bandwidth,  your own email address, $100 Google AdWords Credit, $100 Yahoo/Bing Credit and shared SSL certificate which is great for a single domain website. Go and get the Hatchling plan here. But if you want to add another domain in future, you will have to go for Baby Plan. But for starting, you can buy the Hatchling Plan which will be more than enough for you. Now, I feel the need of a Baby hosting plan as I have more than one domain to host now.

I choose Hostgator Hatchling Plan when I started my blog because:

  • I had to host only one blog, so I was searching for the best hosting for beginners.
  • I got unlimited bandwidth.
  • Shared SSL certificate. For the security and SEO ranking in search engine SSL certification is important.
  • The WordPress installation in Hostgator cPanel is very easy. One click installation.
  • I got $100 Google AdWords credit and $100 Bing/Yahoo credit.
  • I really loved their 24×7 live chat facility who are always for you to solve your hosting or blogging problem. While running your blog, you may face different kinds of problem. When you have the facility of HostGator Live Chat Customer Service Agents, you are in good hand.

Advantages of Hostgator Web Hosting:

  • Less downtime
  • Award winning 24×7 customer support
  • Huge number of customers
  • Well recognized brand in web
  • Unlimited space for you

Control Panel User Interface of Hostgator:

Hostgator control panel user interface is user friendly. Anyone can browse anything. Every tab is clean and clear. If you want to browse your email, just click on Webmail, if you want to upload any file to your root, just go to the file manager. Every tab is pretty simple, plug n play.


How To Install WordPress in Hostgator cPanel: (Step by Step Video)

This is really easy to install WordPress in HostGator cPanel. If you find it difficult, here is a step by step guide How to Install WordPress in HostGator cPanel

How To Check Traffic Status and Traffic Analysis of Your Website Using Hostgator cPanel: 

I have already mentioned earlier, Hostgator cPanel is a powerful tool. You can even check your traffic status of your website from Hostgator cPanel. Yes, I am not talking about Google Analytics, I am talking about Hostgator cPanel. Not a lot of blogger will describe the hidden feature of Hostgator. You will get a real detail result of your website traffic. You can get in depth report of your blog traffic and from where they are coming from. On the left hand sidebar of the cPanel, towards the bottom, you will find one tab “Website Traffic”. If you click on the “View all traffic” tab, you will get the below window:


Traffic Tab in Hostgator cPanel


Click on the View Button

Now, you will get in depth traffic analysis of your website traffic from the very beginning of your blog history (Can you see the difference of using Hostgator hosting company as your hosting provider! 🙂 ) which looks like below:


The above picture is only the summary of my blog traffic of the month of April. If you want to show previous history, just change the month from drop down of “Reported period” and you will get the history of the corresponding month or your. You can even get more detail report. To know how you can read the article “How to Get an Awesome Traffic Analysis from Hostgator cPanel?“.

Hostgator After Sell 24×7 Customer Service:

The most important thing which made me stick to the Hostgator web hosting service is their customer support. In the last 4 years, while using Hostgator hosting company, I have found their customer support is just awesome! I specially love their on-line chat service. Generally you do not face any problem with their hosting. But if you face any problem by chance, just ask their online customer service agent and they will solve your problem. You can also ask them if you face any problem with WordPress plugin. You can call their toll free number 1-866-96-GATOR anytime you want. You can sign up for your Hostgator hosting plan here.

Hostgator Live Chat Service (Best in the Web)!

If you ask me to rate Hostgator Live Chat service out of 10, I will rate it 10. In these past 4 years it did not happen that I have knocked in the Hostgator Live Chat service and they were unable to provide me a suitable solution. Using Hostgator hosting company for your blog gives you this facility of live service for free. If you go to the Live Chat service, you will get the below window:


Fill all the required field and the appropriate department. In the next step, it will ask for the billing information. If you are an existing member, provide your billing information. If you are not using Hostgator hosting company and do not have the billing information or you are a new customer, continue with the general information. It will take maximum of 10 minutes to get one online customer service agent. Explain your problem to the agent and get the solution from the customer service manage.

Hostgator is so confident about their service that they provide a 30-day money back guarantee. The first 30 day service of Hostgator is free. If anyone is not satisfied with the service,  they will give you money back. Using Hostgator hosting company for your website or blog assures you when you are sleeping, people are visiting your blog without any interruption! If you have something to add with HostGator hosting plans or if you want to share your experience about the best web hosting for beginners, you can contact me by leaving a comment.

Himadri is a passionate blogger who writes for his technology tips & tricks related blog TechnTechie. He is also a PhD candidate at the University of Canterbury. Though it is hard to balance time in between research and blogging, he still manages time to work for his own blog and writes regularly. The dashboard of this WordPress is the only place where he does not feel tired!

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