The Best Satnav Apps for Blackberry 10 OS

Are you looking for something a bit different than the Sat Nav app that came with Blackberry 10 OS? Perhaps you want access to a greater number of updates, or maybe you want more exact navigation advice.

Furthermore, it can be very important to explore other options for satellite navigation. As we saw what happened last year with Apple Maps, it may be a good idea to find alternatives for your directions. And while there’s nothing wrong with the built-in Blackberry 10 OS app, it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion sometimes!

Therefore, we’ve gathered the best satnav apps on the market that are compatible with Blackberry 10 OS. Read on to see what they are!



This comprehensive app is the ideal choice for those who wish to use the program for driving directions. You can get a free five-day trial, but afterwards it will cost you 25 pounds for a lifetime membership. While that may seem like a lot to spend on an app, the benefits are definitely worth the money. It offers junctions diagrams and clear instructions about changing lanes, live traffic updates, and helps you find places of interest. All in all, it’s a solid app that offers plenty of extra material that you don’t get in the standard program in your phone.

Google Maps: 

A wonderful free app, Google Maps is like having a tiny version of Maps on your computer. You can get step-by-step instructions, suggestions and reviews of places of interest, and updates on the traffic. You can also get directions for driving or walking, which can be great if you prefer getting there on foot.



Waze is kind of like the Wikipedia of maps. Users can not only access a complete database of maps, but can also leave helpful tips for other users about traffic, confusing intersections, speed traps, and places of interest. You can even check things like how much snow there is on a particular street during a winter storm.


This app is comes free and offers something that the others do not: information on deals and discounts at local venues. Let’s say you’re driving past a pizza place, and there’s a two-for-one deal on at the moment. The system will send you an update, so you can take advantage of the deal. You can also get helpful information like speed camera warnings, crosswalk warnings, and suggestions from Yelp and Lonely Planet. Plus, the avatar on the screen is a cute toy car!

Do you use a third-party app for satellite navigation? What are some others that have been successful for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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