Best Compact Cameras of 2013

From the beginning of time, humans engraved the picturesque paintings on the walls of  caves. Some of them still remain mysterious with archaeologists trying to understand what our ancestors were trying to say through those wall paintings.As time passed on, in ancient China, Mo Ti, a philosopher, used the phenomenon of pinhole to trace the inverted images to create pictures. Ever since then we have since the transformation of cameras yet little do we appreciate the complex technology that is the driving force for them.

Cameras now come with options to choose from and most of them these days are digital so we will be discussing one of the options of digital cameras that supplies to the average consumers – compact cameras. These cameras are, as the name says, compact designed to perform simple photography. Though all of us would love to be called as photographers, in reality most of us are just newbies in the world of photography so these compact cameras kind of boost our egos and save the pocket from purchasing the otherwise rising trend of DSLRs.

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Sony DSC-RX100:


Sony has been in the camera industry for a pretty long time and their products cinches the top position. One of the best digital compact cameras available in the market, this one wins for its compactness and DSLR–like features and image quality. The optical sensor resolution is 20.2MP while supporting other resolutions. The optical zoom is 3.6x and digital zoom at 14x. The LCD display is 3-inches with 1920*1080p video resolution. And, thisf/1.8 aperture camera uses Carl Zeiss lens while giving auto and manual focus with a focal length of 28-100mm. It also has many other features that make this camera one of the best in its category. The cons of this camera include lack of external flash and optical viewfinder.

Nikon Coolpix P7700:


The Japanese multinational company is also very famous for their cameras. In fact, they are as much as renowned and even more than Sony. Their cameras can be seen in movies and have been glamourized by upcoming youth. This one comes with a 3-inch TFT LCD display with anti-coating with 1920*1080p video resolution. The optical sensor resolution is 12.2MP with optical zoom at 7.1x and digital zoom at 4x. The f/2.8 aperture camera comes with an impressive 28-200mm focal length. At the price it is coming, this is one the best deals for cameras though even this one has some cons like it is not as compact as Sony’s and recycle time is slow between the photo shoots.

Canon PowerShot SX260:


Once again, Canon is a very famous brand for cameras and has been in this industry for a very long time. They have a very competitive relationship with Nikon and Sony. Nevertheless, this model is indeed one of the best at a very affordable price. It comes with a 3-inch TFT screen and a 12.1MP optical sensor resolution with optical zoom of 20x and digital zoom of 4x. It also features a focal length of 4.5-90 mm with f/3.5 – f/6.5 aperture. PowerShot SX220 also supports HD video recording like many other of its kind. But what makes this one of the best deal is the price it comes at.

Panasonic Lumix DMC LX7:


This company may not be as famous as Sony, Canon or Nikon but still has market value in India since they have a long history on this subcontinent. This camera comes with a Leica lens and a maximum aperture of f/1.4-2.3 with 24-90mm focal length. Even this model has a 3-inch TFT LCD screen with HD video recording at a 10.1MP optical sensor resolution. The only complaint that can be mentioned for this is the awkward menu that is tedious to browse through. But overall, this one creates a tough competition for Sony and Nikon at a relatively lower price than they offer.

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