Bengali New Year Pohela Boishakh Bangla Noboborsho 1423 HD Wallpapers HD Screensavers

Bangla Noboborsho or Bengali New Year or Pohela Boishakh is the first day of Bengali new year. The Bengali New Year starts on th 14 April each year. This is one of the most popular occasion in Bengali culture. Bengali people from all over the world celebrate and observe this occasion. Below are some wonderful Bangla Noboborsho Wallpaper.



The above Bangla Noboborsho wallpaper shows some Ilsha fist fry. Ilsha fish is the national fish of Bangladesh. Along with the Ilsha fish there are some onion fry, tomato and fresh ring onions. People eat Ilsha fish on that very day with rice.


The above picture is the picture of a “Taler Pakha” which is one of the symbols of rural Bangladesh and Bengali culture.


The above picture is the picture of a “Lamp” and in Bengali it is called Pradip or Mangal Deep. On the day of Bengali New Year, folks lighten the lamp very early in the morning.




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Bangla_Noboborsho_Wallpaper_1423_1 Bangla_Noboborsho_Wallpaper_1423_2 Bangla_Noboborsho_Wallpaper_1423_3

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Shuvo_Noboborsho_1423_HD_Wallpaper_5 Shuvo_Noboborsho_1423_HD_Wallpaper_6 Shuvo_Noboborsho_1423_HD_Wallpaper_7 Shuvo_Noboborsho_1423_HD_Wallpaper_8

The above Bangla Noboborsho Wallpaper is a wallpaper consisting of all the symbols of rural Bengal which represents Bangladesh and West Bengal.

Shuvo_Noboborsho_1423_HD_Wallpaper_9 Shuvo_Noboborsho_1423_HD_Wallpaper_10 Shuvo_Noboborsho_1423_HD_Wallpaper_11 Shuvo_Noboborsho_1423_HD_Wallpaper_12 Shuvo_Noboborsho_1423_HD_Wallpaper_13

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