Beginners ! 3 Possible Ways to Get Website

Many people today, may it be business or corporation, or people, they are always wanting a website for personal use, selling products or anything really. And one problem that many people face is: “How do I make my website?” Well, there are literally unlimited ways to create your website. And I will give you my top 3 ways to create a website:

1. Doing it from Scratch:


Making a website from complete scratch is probably one of the hardest things to do. It requires the knowledge of two main programming languages: HTML and CSS. This can take a long time to master.  Once you master HTML and CSS, to make your site interactive, you would have to learn JavaScript, which could take even longer to master.

The benefit of making a website from complete scratch is that for one you can customize it any way you want without restriction, you don’t have to worry about any bloated code left behind from the software, and you do not have to worry about any water marks left behind afterwards.

Overall, I highly recommend this method over the others.

2. Use software :

Using software is the easiest way to create a website. Nearly all website builders are WYSIWYG, or What You See Is What You Get. With website builders, you can easily have your website built and up in running in a matter of minutes.

However, there are some downsides to this. For one, yes it is easy, but nearly all website building software leaves behind watermarks, unneeded code and customization and interactive-ness will be highly limited. Overall, I recommend this method

  • Artiseer 3
  • Web Studio 5.0
  • Adobe DreamWeaver
  • And many others…

I do recommend software for the people who have no experience with coding, or even know what programming is. But, software does have its limitations; design and compatibility only go so far with software.

 3. Pay someone to Do It:

And the final reason can be extremely costly, and that is to hire someone to do it. This method can and will work, but you may have to pay serious money for it. A lot of companies or freelancers will charge a lot of money to build a basic website. Honestly, this is one of the worst ways to get a website (in my opinion). The reason being is simple: That one can build a good website by their self without paying a lot of money.

I hope this little guide helped those who want to build a website!

Himadri is a part time blogger. He loves to write on technology and technology related tips & tricks. Blogging is his passion! He is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer.

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