Beeminder – A Killer Online Service to Achieve Your Goals!

The beginning of a new year is a great time for summing up your achievement in the past year and for setting new goals. And I think that summing-up is easier than planning. That’s why I’d like to tell you about the app that may help you in managing such a serious task.

Beeminder is a special motivational service which helps to achieve any goal that has clear quantitative measurement. The developers of the service provide the following situations when Beeminder may be useful:

  • To lose 5 kg before summer;
  • To post article in your blog every other day;
  • To make 50 push-ups in two months;
  • To drive 3000 km in a year;
  • And other.

The service works on the basis of efforts collection and the analysis of the efforts you’ve made in order to achieve the goal set. First you need to register in the service and then to set your goal. To set a goal you need to choose its type from the several options available.
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Here it should be noticed that Beeminder has a very important function of integration with other services and devices. For example, if you want to run a certain amount of kilometers you may connect your Beeminder account to your RunKeeper account and all your jogging information will be automatically taken from there. In the same manner you can connect to such services as Gmail, Trello, Fitbit, etc.
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According to the goal you’ve set the service draws a diagram of the progress expected from you. If automatic data download is not available from one of the supported service, then Beeminder will send you emails asking for information (which is already a good motivational factor) and will put your data on the diagram. If you stick to the plan and your progress goes the way it should, then you don’t have anything to worry about. But if you have seriously deviated from the diagram several times then the service becomes paid and you have to pay $5 in order to continue using it.

Thus, Beeminder is an absolutely free service for disciplined and responsible users. But it collects money from lazy users. So I think that we may not worry about the financial future of this app.

Eugene Rudenko

Eugene Rudenko is a copywriter for IT company Intellectsoft (to visit company’s site click on this link. The company specializes in Android, iOS, Blackberry and WP development.

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