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Backlink is very important for your website. But the backlink should be from powerful pages with good domain authority and page authority. 5 good backlinks can make your webpage quality high on the other hand 500 low quality backlink does not have any value to your page SEO. So, this is really important to know the backlink status of your website and bulid backlink for your site accordingly. You can get backlinks by guest posting, forum posting, blog commenting etc. To know the current backlink status, you need a good tool which can give you a detail information about your backlink. Google webmaster tool is a great tool to find backlink information. I will discuss in this article about how to get backlink information from Google webmaster tool easily with a detail analysis.

Google webmaster tool is a very powerful tool to get SEO information for your website. You can submit your XML-Sitemap to Google webmaster tool and check the number of pages indexed by Google using this tool. But there also another feature is integrated in the tool which is very helpful for webmasters. You can get backlink information from Google webmaster tool. The webmaster tool can give you important information about your backlniks and also interlinks. There are a lot of tools which can give you backlink information but I should say this tool is bit different. This tool not only gives you the numbers of backlinks but also it gives you the exact location or the webpage from where you are getting the link back to your website.

I always log in to Google Webmaster Tool and check the indexing status of my page and also check other information. But today while browsing through the tool I have found the feature and this is really helpful for me as I can see the pages from where my site is getting backlink. So, I thought to share this information with my blog readers. I hope this information will also help my fellow bloggers.

How to Get Backlink Information From Google Webmaster Tool:

I believe you have signed up with Google webmaster Tool. If not, this is time to sign up with the tool. Then follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your Google webmaster tool.
  2. You will find a tab named “search traffic” on the left hand side of the console.
  3. Under search traffic, you will find a tab named “Links to Your Site”.
  4. Click on the “Links to Your Site” tab and you will get “Total number of links” to your site, which website links most with your website, the anchor text which is used to create the backlnik and your most linked content.
  5. Now if you want to know the exact locations of the webpages from where you are getting the backlink, you will have to click on “Your Most Linked Content” tab. At first click on “more” to get all the links like below:


6. You will get the full list now.

7. From the list, click on the link for which you want to get more information.

8. I have clicked on a link of my website and I have found the below information about that link. I have found the number of domains the post is linked from. Total how many links. If I further click on the domain links, I will be able to get the exact link of the webpage from where I am getting the backlink. This is how you get backlink information from Google webmaster tool easily.


From the above description don’t you think, this is a great way to analysis your backlink. I have personally found myself in a comfort zone to know how to get backlink information from Google webmaster tool. You can also try this tool to get backlink information and develop your backlink strategy.

One Bonus Trick:

You can also get the internal links status of your blog posts using this tool. Internal links means connecting your one post with another within your own website. This makes your posts SEO friendly. Google indexes more pages of your site. The Google bots crawls more pages of your site as it gets more lined content. But please only link to those pages which is relevant to the mother post. Also, this is really important to choose the relevant anchor text for the linking. If you link the word backlink with a page that does not talk about backlink at all, this is bad interlinking and Google treats those links as spam. Which is not good for SEO. Distribute the internal links equally with all the pages so that there exists a balance between the pages.

How to Get Internal Link Status of Website:

  1. Click on the “Internal Links” tab in your Google Webmaster Tool which is under “Search Traffic” tab.
  2. You will get the links of all your pages.
  3. Click any of the links to know the number of interlinks you have with that page.
  4. The higher the number, the higher is the SEO score.
  5. You can starting working on interlinking of your pages with lower number of inter links to make your posts more SEO friendly and Google bot friendly.

The above tricks work for Blogger or WordPress or any websites. If you are using blogger, my suggestion is to switch from blogger to WordPress. I hope the above two tricks will help a lot of bloggers who are looking for a nice tool to get the track of their interlinks and backlinks. If you like the post about how to get backlinks from Google Webmaster Tool and find it helpful, please share the post with your friends. If you want to add something to this post which is informative please let me know via comments. I answer all the comments in my blog.


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