An Awesome Experience of Taipei 101 Fireworks

Hello TechnTechie Readers, Guest Bloggers, Sponsors, Subscribers and Facebook Fans, Wish you all a very happy new year 2014! I hope that you will start your new year with a new resolution and you will be successful in each and every branch of your life in this new year.

I am sure that you had enjoyed the 31st night with a  lot of joy and earned a lot of new experience. I myself also took a break for some hours and enjoyed my 31st night at it fullest. This is my second year in Taiwan and I planned to witness the firework of Taipei 101 for second time. This is one of the top 10 firework event in world and the 101 Stored Taipei 101 is used to perform the firework. This time the firework was for 218 seconds and as usual the experience was awesome!

The video of Taipei 101 New Year 2014 Firework that I had captured:

Guide to Enjoy the Taipei 101 New Year Firework and How to got to Taipei 101:

If you are staying in Taiwan and want to enjoy the fireworks and all the events then you need to start for the place a bit earlier. Taipei 101 is in the heart of Taipei and near to the Taipei City Hall bus station.

MRT Near Taipei 101:


The MRT station near Taipei 101 is DAAN MRT and Taipei City Hall MRT station. If you want to take the blue line up to YongNing then you can come to Taipei City Hall MRT station and take your metro train.

If you want to go up to Taipei Zoo or Towards Taipei main station or upto Zhongxiao Fuxing then want to transfer your route then you can come to DAAN MRT station and take a Sky Train to go to Zhongxiao Fuxing. Then you can take your route as per your requirement.

If you want to take a local train up to Chungli, then you can take TRA local train from Taipei Main Station or you can take the local train from Banqiao. You can arrive Banqiao from Daan MRT easily. The route you need to take is take a sky train from Daan upto Zhongxiao Fuxing>> Then take blue line towards YongNing>> Then get down at Banqiao>> Then you need to change the train line to TRA line and then come to platform number 3A>> then take local train towards Hsinchu.

If you are staying in New Taipei City, you can take the bus to go to Taipei 101 which goes  to Taipei City Hall and bus number is 939. You can take the bus from Sanxia.

The Taipei 101 square becomes crowdy with the people of all ages from the evening. Different concerts and events take place near the Taipei 101. Performers perform from the evening in the main concert stage.

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