5 Tips on Server Room Design

Know how to design server room; what are the essential things you need to take care. You can hire a professional server room design company and get everything handled professionally. In most of the cases the big companies will do like this but it would be great for your if you know the tips on server room design.


There was a time when people used to think that businesses that are into technology, computers and internet only need a dedicated server room. Proving the notion wrong, a lot of non-tech businesses have started creating their own server rooms and begun to manage their own computer network. However, companies which are not into hardcore technical things might face challenges to set up and maintain the server room. Many small businesses and start-ups do not even know what should be there to make the server room functional.

The article offers some tips on server room design so that setting a new server room becomes easy for you.

1. Location of the server room: Choose the location strategically – the room has to be accessible at the same time isolated from the rest of the office. Maintenance team or managers should be able to enter and move in and out freely; however, if the room is on a common passage, then a lot of intrusion is likely to happen which might hamper server room operations. People might spoil the settings; most important all expensive equipment’s might get damaged because of dust. Make sure the room has quick exit points so that if something unpleasant happens people can leave the room quickly.

2. Temperature control: Temperature of the server room is an extremely critical thing. Proper air conditioning has to be there in order to keep the environment safe. If you work with a professional server room design company, they would probably recommend adding a thermostat for the server room – this will allow you to control the temperature of the server room only instead of the entire office.

3. Maintenance: Technology is a boon to mankind; but it can lead us to serious trouble by breaking down at times. If the server room goes down, all operations will be stopped. To ensure smooth and seamless operations you have to arrange for maintenance and troubleshooting equipments in the server room. If all the required things are there, you just need to call one expert to make it operational again.

4. Capacity: You have to calculate the required capacity of the server. When you hire a server room design company, you have to tell them what kind of server you are looking for. They will arrange everything accordingly including cables, server cabinets, equipment racks, data distribution frames etc. They would also recommend if the server room is suitable for a setup of the kind of capacity you are looking for.

5. Safety: Fire safety is extremely important; servers contain a lot of useful data. If fire breaks out, it will result in huge loss – and above all people working there would be in danger. Hence, you have to make sure the fire alarm and fire extinguishers are set up in the server room.

Instead of doing everything on your own, you can hire a professional server room design company. They would take care of everything and come up with the most appropriate server room for you. They will arrange the hardware things and install everything. Look for a professional server room designer in your city.

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