5 Steps to Successful Video Blogging

Video blogging is the new trend among bloggers. In this day and age, people have to know who you are to engage with you. And the best way to offer your readers this benefit is through video blogging. You must have your face behind your virtual real estate for people to identify with your ideas. However, bloggers are often concerned about the way how to make a video, the time involved and the problem of getting views. In fact, the solution is rather simple. You just need to use a common sense, a little creativity, and to attract as more viewers as possible for successful video blogging.

Video blogging engages your audience as no other blogging format can, except for maybe the audio podcast. So why don’t all bloggers integrate video blogging into their efforts? Well the usual reasons are because:

– They say they don’t have the right equipment.
– It takes too long.
– I don’t know how to go about it.

I’m going to quickly debunk all of these excuses and quickly show you 5 successful video blogging tips:

1 – Getting the Video Right :

Many users state they can’t work with audio because they don’t have the right equipment or don’t know how to edit. Let’s review the things you need to upload good video content.

Audio – one of the most difficult parts of a video is the audio. If it’s not up to par, no one will watch your video -end of story. Even bad video can be salvaged with good audio. So the solution is to find a mic port in the camera you use and buy an external microphone. If your camera doesn’t come with a MIC port then you want to record the audio on a separate device like your computer and then merge it in the post-production phase.

Lighting – Proper lighting is crucial to your video shoot. In fact, the lighting is more important than the type of camera you have. If possible take advantage of natural lighting (that of the sun or a bright window). Place your lighting behind or to the side of the camera.

Camera – Really, any kind of camera will do to begin with. You can even use your typical digital camera. But even a PC camera will work.

 Editing – If possible you don’t want to edit at all (a very difficult task though). If you do have to edit use your Windows default editing software, the program that comes with your computer. You can also use YouTube tools to edit your feature online.

2- Placing the Video on Your Website :

The easiest and most efficient way of getting your video on the website is to upload it to YouTube. This way you kill two birds with one stone. You engage with the readers on your website and you create more interest from YouTube viewers.

3- Key wording Your Video :

An important step, one most video bloggers tend to forget, even when they do remember to buy YouTube views, is to keyword the video on both your blog and on YouTube. When uploading to YouTube, you’ll want to use keywords in the description that refer to your industry. These are terms searchers use to find businesses or services like yours. Use keyword referencing tools like Word Tracker or Google AdWords to find key terms searchers type into the Google search engine to find blogs like yours. Place these terms as naturally as possible in your video description.

4- The All Important Backlink :

Be sure to offer a link back to your blog from your YouTube video. I can’t tell you the number of interesting videos I’ve seen, then wanted to go to the website, only to find there is no website to go to. You can place the link to your website at the beginning introduction of your video, at the end of the video, or even in the description. Just get it in there somewhere! The person who wants to visit your website because of the fun video will look all over for that important link.
5- Traffic :

One really important element comes to mind, when referring to video blogging, and that is your YouTube views. To keep your video from being lost in the millions of other videos on YouTube, you have to get lots of views. These views will make YouTube list your video in a top position on its search pages for the keywords you have listed. However, getting these views is tricky. You can ask everyone you know to give your video a ‘Like”, which might work, especially if you stand on a busy street corner with a billboard telling everyone to like you. But really, the fastest, less threatening, and easiest way to get the views you need is when you buy YouTube views.

Video blogging, just like blogging is not about spending money. It is about being creative, using your artistic ability and basic search engine optimization skills. Upload a finished video to YouTube, tag and link it correctly; and you have the potential of having a viral video that brings you lots of visitors providing you buy the YouTube videos you need to make it as popular as quickly as possible.


Being an experienced specialist in YouTube marketing Roman knows how to get views on YouTube to provide a business promotion. He runs Frozzo marketing agency, travels and plays golf. Roman is a devoted husband and a fond father.

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