5 Fun Things To Do With A Fast Broadband Internet Connection

Switching to a broadband connection will give you the chance to do much more on the web. While a faster connection can enrich your life in a lot of powerful ways, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use it in some fun ways too. Here are five fun things you can do now that you have a fast ADSL connection.


Online Gaming :

A fast internet connection is an absolute essential if you plan to play games online. For solitary games where there are few graphics involved, you might get away with lower speeds. But for multi-player games with enhanced graphics a broadband connection is a must.

Reaction times in a game where other players are involved will make the difference between winning and losing the game. Even if you react fast, it would still take a millisecond or two for your action to transmit over the internet. This is why an internet connection that is fast and reliable with low latency is a must have if you hope to defeat your opponents.

Download Games and Movies :

Publishers, at first resistant to electronic downloads, have caved in to cater to consumer preference for online downloads. Many consumers still purchase games and movies at their local stores, but the vast majority make the most of the abundance of online downloads. Sadly, if you’re still running on dial up or a limited broadband connection, the only movies and games that you’ll have access to are the ones you purchase or rent offline.

Some of the new games and high definition movies can be as large as 10 GBs. With a slow connection, a file of this size will take days to download. You could be watching your movie or playing your game within minutes if you have fast broadband.

Stream High Definition Video :

The wide availability of broadband has led to the emergence and popularity of video sharing sites, live streaming media, internet television and pay per view sites online. It would have been impossible in the days of dial-up for a site like YouTube to survive, but with broadband the site is now one of the most visited on the web.

With your standard broadband connection, you can watch high definition video online without any interruptions in the flow of the video. Ideally, your connection should be at least 8Mbps for high-def streaming.

Video Conferencing :

With faster internet connections, it has never been easier and cheaper to keep in touch with friends and family from around the world. Forget typing via chat or making calls with distorted audio over the internet. Now, your fast broadband makes for high quality audio, so good you can hear a pin drop. Even better, is the ability to see your loved one face to face if you install a web cam. Portable devices come with a built in camera.

See What’s Happening Anywhere In the World :

The final fun thing you can do with a fast internet connection is to explore different places on earth using Google Street view. Streets View places you on the spot even though you’re not actually there. It’s available for places like the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Africa and many other places around the world.

Steve Brown

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