5 Best WordPress Plugins to Boost up Website speed

The pace of a WordPress website matters a lot, no matter how you have scripted it. A moderately stacking site will create a hurdle for the guests and thereby limits your traffic and shoots up the bounce rate.

Failing to attend the web site needs will only leave it vulnerable and may end up being a drowsy site.

There are plenty of ways to accelerate WordPress site and gain the maximum out of your visits. You can do it by purchasing traffic, but it is not a recommended method. On the other hand lies the feasible and ideal solution and that is to boost up your website speed.

 Since you have opted for one of the rich platform of WordPress over other web advancement apparatus, the alterations as to increasing the speed and reducing the load time are possible by incorporating various available plugins and modules.


Below are the best WordPress plugins to boost up website speed:


One of the most preferred plugins among the WordPress developers WP-Optimize. It can increase the website speed pretty drastically. All you need to do is activate the WP Optimize plugin and choose the features that can use WP Optimize.

It is utilized for enhancing database improvement, junk information, limiting the post modifications, and for plenty other processes


You can even alter other module related issues that bring about the site to stack gradually. Consequently, it is a complete bundle that can help you to deal with numerous problems and doesn’t charge anything for utilizing any of its components.

Click here to Download WP Optimize plugin.

EWWW Image Optimizer

Uploading plenty of pictures on WordPress site can slow down the site speed due to lower bandwidth utilization by diminishing the transmission capacity usage.


The EWWW Image Optimizer consequently decrease the document size for pictures by changing over to the record position. It inherently creates pictures of the little size and uses a gathering of devices to improve photos.

It has a certain amount of drawback, however. EWWW Image Optimizer does not allow the site owner to re-edit the GIF animations. Once the optimization is performed the GIF is locked. However, you carry out the un-optimization process with GIFsicle (Command-Line Animated GIFs) and then again do the same from the scratch.

Download EWWW Image Optimizer here.

 Digg Digg

We are habituated to using online networking and the interactive buttons in the social networking sites. You can integrate the same on your site for getting your blog entries shared by half.


Notwithstanding, most online networking plugins stack some scripts that are sluggish to load. Digg is one such plugin that touch bases with languid piling options.

It implies your that your site guests are given a fake catch until a guest brood over the caches for sharing. The buttons can then be included either at the top or base of your website page.

Download Digg here for free.

W3 Total Cache

The W3 Total Cache is a standout amongst the most widely recognized plugins for WordPress. The module designers assert that this particular plugin can shoot up your site performance by ten times.

A reserving module stockpiles the pictures, CSS, and your site Javascript records


are set on the server, so it does not need to load the site from the scratch and each time you get a site guest.

The static adaptation of your site is precisely shown. Such a variety of assets can be safeguarded to improve the side results. It is little tricky to manipulate the design of this plugin as it requires you to have the fundamental understanding of WordPress.

Likewise, you can incorporate this module with a substance conveyance system (CDN) administration like MaxCDN.

Download W3 Total Cache here.

WordPress Inspector

WordPress Inspector tests your WordPress for speed, performance, SEO, and security. It allows you to see hidden debugging information and includes information like option value, current admin screen information, user information, a list of items available on the menu, registered scripts, and styles. It is essential to check your WordPress regularly, and its theme and plugins to make your website performs better and is secure.


WordPress Inspector tests the pace a WordPress site. Moreover, it also checks for the performance execution, SEO, and security.

It permits you to see shrouded troubleshooting data and incorporates data such as value, Current Admin monitoring. Screen information, and even user information along with the list of available menu items

You must ensure consistent website checking of your WordPress site. This helps to improve its topics, plugin, and overall security.

Click to download WordPress Inspector.

The ideal way is to optimize your WordPress side by considering various options and prioritizing the tasks which are essential for you to address. For example, by adding some plugin, you may create a problem for the mobile users to access the users. Different users along access to your website from various platforms. You must check the accessibility in every term before incorporating any minor change in the WordPress site.

Shahid Abbasi

Shahid Abbasi is a big time tech geek working with one of the best mobile app development companies, Peerbits. He has a proven efficiency over designing mobile apps for the enhanced UI/UX for websites and mobile apps. Moreover, he likes to share his knowledge over a series of technical blogs to make himself more resourceful globally. Over the weekends, he transforms to become an awesome cook.

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