4 Mobile Apps For Jobseekers

The development of new technologies and applications has made searching for jobs simple. With the click of a mouse, or the tap of a smartphone screen, you can have hundreds of opportunities in front of you. But, the market has been flooded with websites and apps for that very purpose – and it’s difficult to know where to start during the jobseeking process. Each country will have their own specific job search mobile apps – craigslist, seek, careerone and gumtree to name a few. But, there are some universal apps that you should take a look at while on the hunt for a new position. Take a look at this handy list:

1. LinkedIn: This is a key app to download at the beginning of your search. Many job seekers will already have completed their LinkedIn profile online – an online resume presenting your qualifications, education, work history and skills that allows you to connect with others in your industry. The app lets you update your profile, browse through your connections, and search for jobs. It also has an address book function, and allows you to save searches.
Cost: Free
Operating systems: iOS and Android

2. Interview Prep Questions: This is a great app to have at your fingertips in the lead-up to a job interview. Applicants will generally have no idea what questions they will be asked during the interview process, and it can be very daunting. This app solves that problem, offering up hundreds of different practice questions – from the general to the tricky unforeseeable doozies, so that you can be as prepared as possible. The app allows you to personalise the questions for your particular qualifications and background, and offers potential answers if you are stumped. This is the perfect app to help you prepare on the go.
Cost: Free
Operating systems: iOS and Android

3. Pocket Resume: So perhaps you’re using your job search apps, or have met a potential employer at an event, and have limited time to send off your resume. You don’t have access to your computer, or perhaps only have an old resume that needs to be updated. The Pocket Resume app is your solution! It pulls all recently updated information from your LinkedIn profile, and then lets you convert it into a PDF or drop it into DropBox. It lets you personalise your resume for specific industries and positions, and all you have to do is fill out a few forms. Pocket Resume lets you create your resume on the move, without stressing about getting home to your computer.
Cost: $2.99
Operating systems: iOS and Android

4. JobMo: This is yet another free job search app – but with a few differences. JobMo allows you to search through millions of job listings around the world, not just in your local city or area. The app lets you use Google Maps to find jobs in whichever area you want to work in, and compare salaries for jobs in various industries. It also offers interview tips and options to connect with others in the job hunt to share tips.
Cost: Free
Operating systems: iOS and Android


Chloe works on behalf of People for the Future, a West Australian government initiative aiming to provide mining careers and jobs in oil and gas.

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