3D Printing – The New Age of Technology

Many years ago, the ability to print out something you had designed or written yourself was viewed as a revolutionary step for technology. In recent times we have become accustomed to doing this, having the ability to print out anything needed through printers connected to a computer.


Research from over the past thirty years is slowly enabling the introduction of 3D printers, which can incredibly print out objects designed on a computer. This pioneering technology is currently being used by a limited few, with it likely to be introduced to your average consumer over the next few years. The incredible 3D printer allows you to essentially recreate objects through producing accurate copies from blueprints you have on the computer, or alternatively design brand new items for your own enjoyment or functional use. In the most recent James Bond movie, they used this technology to recreate one of the cars from an earlier film, successfully cloning the car which would have been difficult to otherwise replicate. Below and to the



left are some examples of objects which have been printed out using a 3D printer, showing their capability. The James Bond car which was recreated for the movie is pictured to the right above.


The first image to note above contains Star Wars characters which have been perfectly formed using the technology. Here a great attention to detail is achieved, through using the same dimensions that the film did creating the characters. By doing so you can essentially replicate the characters for what is a breath-taking finish, through using design software. Next to the right of this we have the James Bond car which was replicated from an older film using a 3D printer. This was understandably a large scale printer which is currently one of the best of its kind. The final image to comment on here is the one to the left, which is of a woven replica skull. The proportions of this skull are perfect, a great example of 3D printing which allows you to create items to the scale you choose. The skull is visually striking and is baffling to view from the perspective of it coming from a printer!

3D Printers are slowly making their way into the home, meaning within very little time users will have the opportunity to print out their very own 3D objects; an exciting prospect. You can view an example of 3D printing here:
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