3D Movies: Not Only in IMAX Theaters Anymore

For decades, Hollywood has tried to bring 3D into the mainstream. Although there have been sporadic successes, most often with horror movies, it has never really caught on. Until now, that is.

In the past few years, we have seen a resurgence in 3D films. It has been enjoyed in IMAX for quite some time, but those movies have been few and far between, and made specifically for the IMAX format. But 3D is currently everywhere, with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

The 3D Experience at an IMAX Theater IMAX

Arguably, it is in IMAX theaters where the recent craze all started. Years before blu ray players made it possible for us to watch 3D in the comfort of our own home, IMAX carried the torch. It started with spectacle films, rather than traditional Hollywood fare. Movies with dinosaurs that leaped out of the screen were typically what you would find at an IMAX theater. In the past few years, however, mainstream movies have been shown in 3D at every IMAX theater in the country. This has helped to pave the way for the current 3D trend.

The 3D Experience at Home

Blu ray players have really brought the movie going experience into the home, offering high-definition quality never enjoyed before outside of a theater. Adding 3D to the high-definition experience was a logical, natural extension. 3D-equipped blu ray players are quickly becoming the norm, and an increasing number of movies are being released in the 3D format by every major studio. To enjoy 3D at home, you’ll also need a 3D-capable TV, plus a pair of glasses for each viewer. That latter part will be changing at some point in the future, however, because 3D televisions that do not require glasses are now being developed for consumer use.

The 3D Experience in the Palm of Your Hand

For those who don’t think 3D in your living room is enough, you can experience it in the palm of your hand in the form of gaming devices and mobile phones. For gaming, the Nintendo 3DS is a technological marvel that brought to life the fact that 3D without glasses is not only possible, but very effective. That’s why similar technology is being sought for home use on blu ray players. What many people don’t realize, however, is that several phones in the past ten years have been released with 3D capabilities. They utilize a similar concept to the 3DS, which is basically 3D without the glasses. For now, however, watching a 3D movie on one of these mobile phones has proven to be a less than desirable experience, but it won’t be long before 3D becomes the norm on these devices.

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