3 Top Value Smartphones Compared

Not everyone can afford a hi-fi Android powered smart phone and so now mobile companies are churning out one quality budget smart phone after another on a regular basis. Packed with unique features, innovative interface, and retaining the essence of a smart phone, the Huawei Ascend G300, the T Mobile Vivacity, and the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 are superb phones at reasonable prices for you to consider if you are buying on a budget.

Huawei Ascend G300:


Powered by a 1 GHz chip and the Android Gingerbread OS, the Huawei Ascend G300 is cheap, but dynamic, making it an ideal smart phone to have, especially for first time owners. A snazzy design with rounded edges, a 5 megapixel camera, and a wonderful chromatic display make the smart phone a joy to have.

Corporate owners would love the multitasking options available and the memory, at 32GB, offers you plenty of room to store and exchange files. The Wi-Fi capability and networking facilities on the Huawei Ascend G300 are excellent too.

All in all, the Ascend G300 may not be the fastest or the most stylish phone on the market, but it definitely is great value for the low price you get it for.

T Mobile Vivacity:


The iPhone inspired design of T Vivacity makes it a must-have for people who love the classic Apple product but cannot afford it at all. The Android 2.3 OS powers the T Vivacity mobile and the dual-core processor it is plenty to provide you good speed for networking and app stacking.

The navigation on the T Vivacity is easy but web searches can be intimidating since the phone has a lot to reform on the performance front. As with all Android 2.3 powered phones, the Flash updates are going to be missed too. However, the minimalist design, the gigantic screen, and the sleek exteriors make the T Mobile Vivacity a wonderful cheap buy for iPhone aficionados.

Oh yes – it comes with a decent camera and plenty of pre-installed gaming apps too!

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2:


Colourful designed cases, easily navigable interfaces, and a powerful Android 2.3 OS makes the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 a wonderful asset to have. The screen is a tad smaller but offers sharp resolutions, when compared to other budget smart phones. There are plenty of pre-loaded apps that you might find useful.

The Mini 2 comes with just 4 GB memory storage but you can expand it to almost 16 GB memory storage through the SD slot provided. Moreover, you get a decent camera, Wi-Fi capability with average browsing speeds, and very good office syncing facilities. Multitasking is however, not up to the mark.

Except for the fact that the Mini 2 isn’t very powerful, there are no glaring cons.

Bottom Line:

The smart phones discussed above might not be ideal or wonderful for corporate owners, but if you are a high school teen wanting to have your first smart phone experience, you’d find it perfect. They are bright, vivacious, and inexpensive – with several features and apps for you to explore.

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