10 Ways to Utilize Social Media For Your Business

There are many different ways in which social media can be useful for your business; these ways range from increasing brand engagement to allowing for localisation in your promotional pushes. At the same time, social media can be a useful way to reduce marketing costs, while also enabling better customer feedback and more selecting spending on different sites. With more social media networks being launched every month, it’s crucial to keep up to date with your social media spending. So, lets see how to utilize social media for your business.


 1 – Brand Engagement :

Perhaps the most important benefit that social media provides for a business is brand engagement on a potentially day to day basis; creating a presence on social media can allow you to regularly interact with consumers via daily reminders and updates, as well as competitions and other media.

 2 – Localisation :

Social media campaigns can be designed to make use of localised social media profiles. You can use mobile marketing to track and make specific campaigns for areas, which can allow for a better breakdown of different demographics.

 3 – Cost Effective Marketing :

Just having a Twitter feed can mean that you can cost effectively market new information on a product, while also allowing you to respond to customer enquiries and link back to a main home page.

 4 – Mobile Marketing :

More and more consumers are now using their smartphones and tablets to browse the Internet and use branded apps – making sure that your sites are optimised for mobile, and creating apps that can be run through social networks, can help you to increase your online sales conversions over time.

 5 – Customer Feedback :

Being able to respond to customer queries and complaints via social networks like Twitter means that negative PR can be swiftly dealt with – and any potentially damaging new stories controlled.

 6 – Selective Spending :

You can often only pay for the percentage of clicks you receive on social media advertising – in this way, you can experiment with placing your brand onto different platforms for the best results.

 7 – Emerging Networks :

It’s possible to both make use of well established networks like Twitter and Facebook, while also tapping into new customers via emerging social networks like Vine and Socialpaybox, with the potential to get ahead of competitors.

 8 – Ideal for Small Businesses :

A social media presence can be an ideal way for a small business to generate a lot of attention and brand awareness without having to spend a lot of money. A well designed website, and an active social media presence can go a long way to building up a customer base.

 9 – Monitoring :

Through analytics tools, you can check to see how well your social media profiles are performing, as well as what kind of traffic you’re receiving from different areas. Analysis of how your brand is being discussed on social networks can also be provided through tools like Sentiment140 for Twitter.

 10 – Personal Connections :

Using social media as a marketing platform means that you can build personal connections with customers in ways that are difficult to achieve elsewhere; social media can put a human face on a business, and can lead to long term brand loyalty.

Liam Ohm

Liam Ohm writes about technology, from ASP.Net Development to the latest tech trends. In his spare time he enjoys attending and running seminars.

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